Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Baby Registry (for Michelle)

Michelle commented on my last post, asking for links to my registries :) They are below.

Target Baby Registry

Walmart Registry

Thanks for asking, Michelle! :)


Michelle said...

are you aware that on your target registry there are a BUNCH of items that are no longer available? just letting you know so that you can figure out what's missing & select a replacement...

THANK YOU for posting the links! i will be sure to get a gift purchased in the next couple days. i've already looked through and got a couple ideas... it's soooooo much easier when there's a registry so you don't have the guesswork of figuring out "do they have this? will they use it? what do they need? is someone else getting the same thing?"

praying for you,
michelle :-)

Michelle said...

one more question:

unless someone beats me to it in the next couple days, i'd like to buy you the breast pump you're registered for at target. i'm 24 and i've been home from college sick for 3 years now, and i'm not a mother, so i don't know much about these things. i only read blogs such as yours to pray over people... almost like a little personal ministry that's a secret between me & God. ;-)

anyway, when i was looking at the information, it said it's $80 and it said there's free shipping when you spend over $50. obviously even just buying the pump, that's covered... which leads to my question.

QUESTION: when you check out, is there your address posted anywhere? i've never bought from a registry online before so i'm unclear as to how this works. i'd like to have it shipped directly to you rather than to me & then having to mail it from my house to yours, just to save on money & time, so if there is NOT a place where your address is listed, would you PLEASE let me know what it is or where to have this shipped?

thanks for your help in taking care of this! sorry to bother you with the questions, i just want to make this as easy as possible since i was in Intensive Care for nearly a week at the beginning of the month & am still recovering.

- michelle

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