Friday, June 17, 2011

I will not faint :)

Whew! What a day :) Not complaining, it's just been a challenging one...physically!

First off, last night was MUCH better than the night before. I actually was able to go right to sleep when we went to bed, and actually stayed that way for probably three hours or so! Then it went back to being restless, was improvement. MIGHT have had something to do with the Tylenol I decided to take before I went to bed?

Seven thirty came early this morning... but I knew that I had to get up and get moving so I wasn't late for my doctor's appointment. Clif was sweet...while I was taking a shower and getting ready (which takes a lot longer than it did a few months ago), he scrambled me eggs and made toast!! The babies were very happy about this, or at least...I think they were because they were bouncing all over on the way to the doctor's office.

We arrived right on time...though, of course it's Friday...and we didn't get called back on time. We were scheduled for a quick ultrasound...just so they could check fluid levels and heart rates, which generally only takes about fifteen minutes. After we looked around and found out that Easton has flipped once again (yes, completely...his head is in my side again), she started listening to heart rates. Two of the babies were in the 160s and the other 140s...which she said all were completely normal. About half way through listening to the heart rates I started to feel light headed...and became extremely hot. I brushed it off, telling myself that it would only be a few more minutes and  it would be over. After a few seconds I decided that there was no more waiting...and quickly told Miss V that I had to sit up or I was going to pass out.

Never in my twenty three years have I ever fainted. Passed out. Whatever you want to call it. But I almost did today. Laying on my back, the room started to spin, and when I started seeing spots... I knew it was time to speak up. Then when I sat up, I felt like I was going to throw up. :) What an experience! I always wondered why V asked me constantly, "are you okay sweetie? You let me know if you need to sit up". Now I know...and I don't ever want to experience that again. Apparently it happens quite often? She said it's all the extra weight from my belly pressing down on my lungs and such, plus I'm not getting good blood flow to the brain. Hence the light headiness. Bleh. From now on, if she has to check heart beats anymore... it will be from my side! Needless to say, our two hour ultrasound should be eventful on Monday. I'll let them know what happened, and hopefully they can either do most of what they need with me laying on my side - or maybe even sit me up.

Anyway...moving on! Heart beats, as I said, are considered normal... and their fluids look good according to V. So that was a blessing and answer to prayer :) Of course, after that little episode... my blood pressure was up. It was borderline but definitely not "horrible". The whole passing out thing really freaked me out, good! We also stopped and talked to my nurse, J, for a while... Clif asked her about the specialist and why we were being sent there.

She reassured me that there is nothing "wrong" that they can tell...that Dr.Garcia just really wants to take every extra precaution possible with me. Especially with my blood pressure, and past pregnancy history, and "fetal demise" so late in pregnancy. I hate that phrase. :( So that made us both feel a lot better.

The appointment with Dr.F was actually good. He's definitely not my favorite doctor. I saw him once during my pregnancy with Lilly, and he seemed to have about as much personality as...Clif's big toe nail (I would say mine, but it does actually have some personality right's painted a deep blue and has a pretty little design...HA!) However, this visit was quite the opposite. He came in, and introduced himself to Clif. He asked me if we had met before, and I told him that I had seen him one time during my previous pregnancy. Thank God Dr.F had done his homework, because he knew all about Lilly...and was actually rather nice about the whole situation. He told me that normally a situation like that is a freak thing, and more than likely had something to do with the cord. I told him Dr.G's theory about the fluids getting low and her rolling over on the cord and going to sleep.

Oh, and he pretty much called me a freak. Ok, maybe he didn't call me a freak. But it was still funny. He asked if I had artificial insemination...and I told him that I took Clomid and had an IUI. :) I seriously with that I could have taken a picture of his face. He thought we had gone through IVF. He looked at me and was like, "seriously? Clomid doesn't normally produce triplets...and you just had an IUI? Weird!" I told him that was Dr.Slackman's reaction as well...considering he had never seen triplets come from Clomid either. Then Dr.F told me that me getting pregnant with triplets off of Clomid was a freak accident. Ummm...pretty sure that nothing to do with my babies were accident. :) I prefer "miracle"... but whatever.

He was pretty excited that I'm going to the prenatal diagnostic center... and told me that each baby will get a "score card". Not only will they keep up with fluids and growth, but they will also monitor each babies "breathing", movement...blood flow, ect. So that was pretty exciting to hear!

:) He didn't even bother measuring me... he said that I looked great to be carrying triplets, especially for twenty seven weeks along! "No need to place my hands on your belly, or push around on it", he said.

All in all...a really good visit, once again. Praise the Lord.

Oh, weight gain. Yeah... I accidentally on purpose almost "forgot" to mention that part. >.< six pounds. Can you believe that? In ONE WEEK! Clif was really excited about it. I was excited that I gained more than a pound and a half in a week... but geez. Definitely cannot keep that up! So we are up to twenty seven weeks, and a whopping forty five pounds. :) Grow little babies grow!!

Thank all of you for your continued prayers for me, Eli, Easton and Elliana. :) If you think about it, say a quick prayer for us concerning our appointment on Monday with Dr.D (and pray that I don't pass out on the table!!!)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What an appointment! Ugh, hate feeling like passing out - it typically happens to me at the very end of donating blood. And once when I was preggo w/ the twins - it was super cold and windy and I had all these layers on to meet the farrier. I was holding one of my horses and I told our farrier he'd have to finish himself and I just sat down right there on the ground with my head in my hands. LOL! That's when I told him I was preggo w/ twins. He didn't know what to do. Hee hee.
Hope your appt on Monday goes well!

That corgi :) said...

answer to prayer indeed, that is what those three little babies are!!

other than passing out almost, it did sound like a good visit and I am glad to hear that the interaction with the doctor went better than you had perhaps anticipated

continuing to pray


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