Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About pregnancy week 27

How many weeks: 27 weeks today! <3

How am I feeling: lazy! bed rest has been a challenge... but I am willing to do whatever is best for my three Little Love's.

Doctor’s Appointment: Friday morning at 9:30 I have an ultrasound, and then appointment with Dr.F...which I'm not thrilled about. Dr.F is my least favorite doctor in this practice, but I'm excited about going to the doctor in general. Especially excited about seeing my little ones again! Also, we have an appointment with a specialist at the prenatal diagnostic center on Monday at 12:45!

Weight Gain: 39 pounds as of last Thursday :) I'm pretty happy with this... though I had hoped to gain a little more.

Maternity Clothes: HAHA!!! :) Maternity clothes are pretty much a thing of the past. I do have a few things left that still fit... but these days I am hanging out in my underwear and Clif's t-shirts. Not the prettiest site's comfortable, so yeah.

Baby Preparation: :) It's getting there. With me not being able to do anything, and there being TWO nurseries to's been slow go. BUT my mom has been helping a TON, and I know we'll have it completed in the next few weeks. I'm not really worried about it. We have the I'm happy.

Gender: two boys and a girl (in case you hadn't heard! haha!) Eli Zayne, Easton Layne and Elliana Rayne (we changed the spelling of the boys middle names). On separate occasions, they each have revealed their "stuff" to confirm what we found out at our 20 week appointment.

Name: Ooops :) Eli Zayne, Easton Layne & Elliana Rayne

Sleep: Good sleep comes, but mostly it goes. :) My nurse told me to take tylenol pm... but if you know me, I do NOT like the idea of taking medication while pregnant...and only take what I have to. I'm getting big...well, my belly is getting big. And I'm getting uncomfortable. Mostly uncomfortable because of my back, and I am experiencing "restless legs". SO that means a lot of tossing and turning during the night, which wakes me up...wakes the babies up...and wakes Clif up. I guess maybe it's God's way of preparing us for the NO sleep that we are going to experience.

Best moment this week: Feeling them all three move at the same time inside my tummy... and having my hubby there with me to feel them from the outside. LOVE my babies. :) And CANNOT wait for them to get here!!

Movement: For the most part, they move all the time. They have their resting moments. BUT for the majority of the time they are going CRAZY in there. LOVE it.

Food cravings: chocolate and soda!!! I know, that's horrible :) For most of my pregnancy I have craved "healthy" stuff. Recently I've been trying to eat a lot of carbs to pack on some last minute weight, hopefully meaning that my little babies will pack on weight of their own. But these last few days...all I have wanted to eat is CHOCOLATE and drink ICE COLD soda. :) I don't even drink soda anymore, which is the funny part. Even before I became pregnant... I didn't drink much soda. Mostly water, and tea..decaf. Two years ago, on new years eve I decided to stop drinking caffeine, and soda. I did really well for like three or four months, and then I started adding in some sprite and such. Before that I was completely addicted to Diet Cherry Pepsi :) Which is what is currently in my fridge! BUT...let me say that it's been in there for two weeks (it's a two liter), and I still have a fifth of it left. I only drink a TINY bit, sometimes not even every night. Seriously, maybe two ounces. But it's SOOOO good :)

What I miss: being able to reach the bottom of my feet in the shower. :) It's quite a trying to shower. Let's just say that I get the job done, it just takes a while. AND I miss being able to snuggle with my hubby in bed. First, I can't really get that close anymore because of my belly...and then, I am SO hot natured now... I pretty much can't stand for anything to touch me.

What I am looking forward to: My doctor's appointments and my little bundle's finally getting here! Only a few more weeks!!!

Milestones: We made it past 25 weeks, what they consider "viable"!!! :) It's such a relief knowing that if I were to go into labor early (which we are praying praying praying that I don't) our babies would more than likely survive :)

Prayer Request: Please pray for us as we go to our specialist appointment next Monday. It's a two hour ultrasound...and we are praying that Dr.D measurements will match those of Miss V. Also, please continue to pray that Eli's kidney will not get any larger, and that eventually correct itself. And last but not least, please pray that my body does what it needs to...that babies continue to grow and be healthy, and they stay in Mommy's tummy for as long as possible.


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