Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctor calling...

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when my phone rang, and it was Dr.G. I'm telling you...he has well exceeded my expectations with this pregnancy. Most doctors have their nurses call to talk to the patients, but he has been calling me to discuss everything. :) It makes me feel really good.
Funny thing... he called today, and I have an appointment with him at 9:30 tomorrow morning.
ANYWAY... he met with Dr.D (the lady I saw on Tuesday) this morning to talk about my appointment. She expressed her concerns about my pregnancy with Lilly, and all the complications that could occur with a triplet pregnancy. They have decided/agreed that I should not go past 34 weeks.
The lady at Dr.G's office that does all the scheduling is retiring, and her last day is today! SO...Dr.G called to let me know that he was going to go ahead and have her schedule my c-section for August 3rd. :) We should find out more about that tomorrow.
We discussed what Dr.D had to say with the placental issues with Lilly's pregnancy, and he said that that's why they are wanting to deliver by 34 weeks. The longer I go, the older my placentas get... and with that brings more risk for complications. AHHH!!! If nothing happens, my babies will be here in less than 5 weeks.
Of course, he said that it is very possible I won't make it to my scheduled delivery. I could go into labor on my own (I'm really praying that this does not happen), the babies growth could become an issue...OR he said that it could be something as simple as my health... my breathing or blood pressure could become an issue and they would deliver early.
*sigh* I can't believe that it's so close...and this part of the journey is coming to a fast close!
At my appointment tomorrow, I will be picking up a jug (I told him that it had better be a BIG jug) for my 24 hour urine collection. Fun stuff. He said that I'll probably collect on Sunday and then drop it off in the lab on Monday as well as have my blood drawn.
Apparently the urine collection is to do with kidney function. They want to have a base line to go by.
I also asked him about my biggest concern from the appointment with Dr.D. My blood pressure and the labatelol. He said that we could discuss it further tomorrow, but that we might take me off of the medication. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. He asked if I wanted to stop taking it... and I told him not really. I mean, not only is it helping my blood pressure... but it's also helping with my {ever growing} anxiety. I can definitely see me needing it in the next few weeks. He did say that it's a very low dose, and he thought that it'd be fine. He also told me that he was very impressed with how well my blood pressure has been this pregnancy, and that he honestly thought that we would have upped my dose several times by this point. :) So that made me feel good better.
I really feel that I will go before August 3rd, but I'm praying that God will keep these three little one's in my belly as long as He sees fit. We are trusting Him with our three babies, and we know that His plan is always the best.
As long as they are growing, and my fluid levels are good... I'd rather them stay in for the long haul (even though I am chomping at the bit to have them here with us). I'm praying praying praying that the boys make it to 4 pounds, and that Little Miss Dainty Elliana will make it to 3-3 1/2. She's smaller than her brothers already, which most of who I have talked to say that's normal... because she is the girl. :)
Time is flying...yet I feel like it's sitting still. HA! The bed rest has really slowed things down, BUT... having all these doctor's appointments has helped speed things up. If that makes sense. I'm hoping that Dr.G will continue to see me once a week (even if I am going to the specialist 1-2 times a week) - just because talking to him seems to calm me.
I cannot get over how very blessed that we have been this whole pregnancy. Not only have I been blessed with a relatively easy, complication-free pregnancy... and not only for good reports at all most of our appointments, but that we have been blessed with such amazing doctor's. Not to mention how much they seem to genuinely care about me and the well being of our babies!!!
Well, that's all for now... I'll update tomorrow if there is anything new after my appointment with Dr.G :) Well...okay, I probably will update because I should have a tentative birthday for our TRIPLETS! AHHHHHH! :)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

August 3rd sounds like a great day to be born! My twins were August babies too (the 8th).

I had to do that 24 hr urine thing. Once w/ my oldest, and twice w/ the twins. It's annoying, but it's good to monitor that stuff closely.

Caroline said...

So glad things are going well. I'm excited so excited for you both. I'm so glad the Dr is so happy with things.
Always praying for you & those babies.

That corgi :) said...

you and me both know that God knows exactly when those little three bundles of joy will be born, but I keep hoping it is closer to term than earlier than term, if you know what I mean so going at 34 weeks sounds like a reasonably good option and we of course know that the doctors are doing their best for your/babies health. But how exciting that an actual date will be scheduled in case you make it that far!

God's hand is on your and the babies' lives; we will keep trusting in him :)


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