Tuesday, June 28, 2011

*almost* 29 week specialist appointment

Well, today was our second appointment at the Prenatal Diagnostic Center. Last week we met with Dr.D (a man), but he was out this week so we met his partner, also Dr.D (but female).
The doctor that we met today is actually the doctor that Dr.G was talking to about me in the first place. I've heard mixed things about her ,so I wasn't exactly looking forward to our appointment with her. BUT... I actually liked her. Well, I'll say that I didn't dislike her. She's from somewhere north (no offense to my northern friends out there!!)... so her personality was a little different than ours, and she was very straight forward/ blunt. But all in all, we liked her.
I did feel like she was attacking me when she came into the room though - but I quickly got over it. She introduced herself as she came into the room, and then started in on me. "So, I heard that with your first pregnancy the baby died before it was born... pretty close to full term". I explained that SHE was actually PAST full term, and yes that she was still born. She asked how much Lilly weighed (she didn't ask if "the baby" was male or female, or anything personal...which was kinda cold... but I guess some people are just like that). We told her that she weighed 5lb9 1/2oz, and she asked if we had ever been told that "the baby's" birth weight was low. Well, no actually. I've talked with my doctor (Dr.G)...the one that DELIVERED Lilly, and he never really mentioned anything negative about it. I saw an RE for almost five months, the one the helped me GET PREGNANT this time... and he never mentioned it. I even met with her partner, the old man Dr.D last week....and he didn't have anything to say about it. Even the genetic counselor said that she was a "dainty" baby. But no, to answer her question... nobody has ever really addressed Lillian's birth weight with us. She said that after reviewing all the reports from my delivery that she thinks that the reason Lilly was so tiny, was because there were placental problems. I told her that I had problems with blood pressure during the last pregnancy...and that I was experiencing the same problems with this pregnancy. Difference being, I'm on medication. She was puzzled that I'm on bed rest, but still on blood pressure medication. So she will be discussing this with Dr.G.
Because of her thinking that I had placental issues with my pregnancy with Lilly... she is calling Dr.G and telling him that she wants a 24 hour urine collection done on me, to check for preeclampsia . Even though my urine has tested negative every single time. But I'm okay with that. I really don't feel that I have it, mainly because if I had it with Lilly, and that was part of my problems...she had a low birth weight. We know that. BUT, the thing is... Dr.D told us last week that "triplets shouldn't be this big at 28 weeks". And even Dr.D (the woman...this could get confusing) told us today that their growth is appropriate for a day shy of 29 weeks.
She told me that instead of every three weeks for growth scans, that she was changing that to every two weeks. So I will have an ultrasound EVERY week to check movement & fluids... and then growth every other week. Once I hit 30 weeks, I will more than likely be going to the PDC twice a week for ultrasounds, just to keep an eye on their fluids and such. Dr.D told us that most triplets are born between 30-32 weeks. She also said that I've made it to 29 weeks, that anything after that is "pretty much icing on the cake". :) That made me feel good. We are past the "scary" part. Ha! I don't know about that.... but yeah.
Basically she is saying that if they can get me to 32 weeks...GREAT. I really don't think that with my past she thinks that I will make it past 32 weeks.
Even though she is a very to the point doctor, it made me feel good that she is really looking at the whole situation. She definitely doesn't want to see anything happen to these babies...and I truly believe that she is going to do everything within her power to make sure that they get here as safetly as possible.
So, the only thing that really concerned me about our meeting with her was that she was surprised about the bp meds & bed rest. I'll be talking to Dr.G about this on Friday.
Also, I asked her about the spots on my legs and she said that it was definitely hormones. :)
As for the ultrasound, it went really good :) As always (at least up to this point). Our parents, my mom & dad and Clif's mom were able to go with us today too! So that was nice that they were able to experience that with us. Eli got a score of 8 for movement, fluids & breathing. Easton & Elliana got 6's because they were being lazy and not showing us how they breathe. We did see Easton "breathe" for a few seconds, but she said that it has to be for 30 seconds to count as a score. BUT, they normally don't look for this until 30-32 weeks. Dr.D told us that it's completely normal to not see it at this point, so that made me feel good.
Our biggest news of the day is: though she didn't do any measuring today... as far as the ultrasound tech could tell...Eli's kidney is...NORMAL! She scared us at first, asking that if when T did the ultrasound on Friday if she looked at the kidney. I was like, no... why? Has it gotten larger? She explained that from what she can tell that both of his kidneys are the same size now, that the left one had gone back to normal size. They say that it's corrected itself. I say that God corrected it. And though it was never a really "big" issue, we are still praising God for this news!!
As for positions...Eli (believe it or not) has flipped from Friday. He and Elliana were head to head at the bottom of my belly. Eli has now turned completely around, and his head is in the opposite side of my belly. And he's still a little breech baby. Easton has moved, again. His head is now under my ribs on the right side with his feet down, kicking his brother & sister in their faces. Elliana is still where T left her on Friday, head down and feet/butt up. :) Our kids are so crazy...and it never ceases to amaze me how they can move in such a tiny little space.
They told me that I should start paying attention to movement (ummm as if I haven't already!), and that if anything changes from my "normal" to call Dr.G and let him know.
Whew...that was a LOT packed into a short appointment. Our next appointment with Dr.G is Friday morning, and then we go back to the PDC next Thursday, the 7th at 1pm.
We still didn't get any pictures today...so I am asking Dr.G on Friday if it is too late to do a 4D scan. :) I'd really like to see if we can see what our little babies faces look like!
I can't believe how we can be SO in love with these three little people that live in my belly!! And they won't be living there much longer!! After talking to Dr.D today, I really believe that they will be here in 1-3 weeks. So exciting, yet VERY scary :)


Rachel said...

I've been following your blog for quite a while but I don't think I've ever commented. Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for those sweet babies (and you!).

With my first baby, I had placental issues... basically, my placenta stopped functioning. My daughter was born 9 days overdue and weighed 5lbs. 14oz. They guessed she had lost over a pound before birth because she wasn't getting nutrition. I had gone in to be induced, but had a c-section almost right away because she just wasn't tolerating labor (and after she was born we knew why). Had I not been monitored, or had I gone into labor on my own and went in to the hospital after labor had progressed, we may have very well lost her.

I say all that to tell you: with my next pregnancy, they monitored the baby's growth closely (and I got a few extra ultrasounds as a result!) to see if the problem would repeat itself. But every baby is different, and my second daughter was born 8 days overdue at a whopping 9lbs. 3oz. with a perfectly healthy and functioning placenta.

Here's to you delivering THREE healthy, happy, as-close-to-term-as-can-be babies!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I can not believe how fast your pregnancy has gone by. I'm sure it does not feel that way to you though. I can not imagine carrying three at once...WOW! I am so very excited for you! I can not wait to see pictures of the three precious babies when they arrive!

That corgi :) said...

thanking the Lord for Eli's kidney being normal!! Thank you Lord; definitely an answer to prayer!

It is exciting that it is so close that you will be holding the three precious ones (well maybe not at the same time, but you know what I mean)

It is good to know that all are doing their best for you and your babes, but we of course will continue to trust in the Author and Creator of Life with their safety because we do know he is the only one that matters with how they are doing and their safety because we know he has them in the palm of his hand :)


Caroline said...

Yay for a good appt.
Wow soon they will all be here. I'm so excited for you & Clif.
Praying always
Take care & love you.

Sarah said...

so glad for a great appointment. I can't believe that the babies will be here in such a short amount of time. I'm praying for all of you!

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