Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~Pray Without Ceasing~

It's been a while since I did a post sharing prayer requests, so here it goes. Would you please join me in praying for...

** A little girl, "A" who has bone cancer. She is nine years old and already had a hip replacement. :( Pray that if God sees fit, that she would be healed.

** Joe, as he continues to heal from his collar bone surgery. Pray that he would have a quick recovery, and that everything would heal completely so that he can return to work.

** My mother in law, "S" who found out yesterday that she tested positive for lupus. She is scheduled to see a specialist. Pray that her case may not be as severe as some, and that there may be medications to help her. She has several health problems on top of this new found one, including severe diabetes.

** Pray for Clif's right knee. It's been acting up, causing pretty bad pain when he walks. He's on his feet a LOT at work. When you touch it as he bends, you can feel it grinding. Needless to say he will need to go to the doctor :(

** My friend "A" who is a stay at home mom, looking for a couple of kids to watch - to make ends meet. Pray that God would send two (well behaved) children her way.

** My dad "S" who is having some colon issues. He's had problems for years, but he recently had a pretty bad flare up.

** Several pregnant ladies that I know.  Pray that their pregnancies will go smoothly, and that they would deliver happy healthy babies.

** Mrs.L, an elderly lady in our church. She has been out for a few weeks now, and she had been in the hospital. :( They were putting her on oxygen at night to help her breath. She had a pretty bad case of pneumonia several months back.

** "J", Clif's step dad. For his salvation.

** All my fellow BLM's that are on the road of TTC again, myself included.

** Clif & myself, as we start this cycle..and begin seeing Dr.S on a more regular basis. Pray that this IUI would be the only one that I need. That it would take, and that I would become pregnant even this month.

** "R" & "A" who lost their baby several months ago at 20 weeks. I haven't talked to them, but I know how they must still be aching inside. Pray for peace and comfort.

** Lastly, please continue to pray for the healing of our hearts. I know that we will never be the same, and that our hearts will never be whole again....but as November is drawing near - my heart begins to ache just like it did almost nine months ago.

Thanks for all of your prayers. You guys are awesome!


Trennia said...

Saying a pray for each person on your list...

Jennifer said...

Praying for your requests and for your burdened soul. Sometimes it seems that everywhere we turn there is a need and we can't pray often enough. I think you have a wonderful heart to be able to see these needs, pray and ask others to pray as well.

Dana said...

Saying a prayer for everyone on your list.

croleyc69 said...

Saying a prayer for everyone.


Lori said...

Absolutely...I am grateful for the opportunity to lift people in prayer as I know I've been so heavily lifted and grateful myself!!

So hopeful for your cycle!!!

~W~ said...

Praying for all those that are in need of it. God bless!

Holly said...

Sending prayers.

Lindsey said...

Saying a prayer for your list..

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