Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear AF...

Dear AF (aka: Aunt Flo),
   I know that we haven't gotten along in the past. Something must have happened back when I was thirteen years old, as I've noticed that you don't like to come visit anymore...unless forced by the doctors.
   Today I'm desperately asking you to put the past behind us and come and visit. I know, weird. No one really likes you...and I know that I've even said that I've hated you in the past...but I'm asking you now. Please come and visit me today. I actually am really looking forward to seeing you this month.
   You arriving means that I get to go meet with Dr S again. I'll have my ultrasound (another much hated thing) and get to hear if I'm producing little eggies.
    Please please please come. :)

Anxiously awaiting your arrival,


Dana said...

I hope AF comes to visit you soon!

Melissa said...

I hope she comes to visit soon, I know this feeling :( I don't think I have commented before - so Hi! I am so sorry about your sweet little girl.

croleyc69 said...

I hope she comes to visit you soon too.


Hannah Rose said...

this is kind of silly, but kind of sad.

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