Monday, March 29, 2010


Wow. This weekend went by so fast, but SO much happened. =) We were able to paint our living room,spare bedroom, and spare bathroom... cleaned like crazy too. My mom came over and washed every single bit of dirty laundry that I had, and dad helped Clif put new floor in the bathroom!! We also are in the middle of putting in a pedestal sink...which I love. Makes me wonder why in the world we didn't do some of these things while we were planning on living there forever. Ha! It's really beginning to look nice. We really hope to have the realtor come by before Wednesday and take pictures so we can have it on the market!! YAY! Praise the Lord that things have gone so smoothly with preparing the house to be sold.
*sigh* It has also been an emotionally draining weekend. Not really sure why, just has been. There have been a LOT of emotions flying around in the Smith household. I think that my "funk" from the other day may have rubbed off on Clif. =( Hopefully both of us will have a better week this week, in that sense anyways.
I know that some people have been worried that we really aren't "okay". Well, set your minds at ease, we're doing alright. As well as can be expected, maybe even a little better than expected. Don't get me wrong, we are still heartbroken, and Lilly's beautiful face is on our minds day in and day out, but we're getting along okay. Not quite time to haul us off to a looney bin!
These days I am feeling like I've been jipped (<----is that even spelled right?) =( I know that this is part of God's will for my life, but sometimes I can't help but feel like/think that this isn't fair. That I should be making plans of things to do with my daughter. We should be taking her to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny (lol), there are so many things that I feel we are missing out on.
But we just keep on trusting that God is going to bless us...again. And we continue to pray that He might give us a double blessing *winks*
Speaking of "blessings"... my medications. I finished up the Provera, now we just wait until our little friend comes to visit, and then I take the Clomid (fertility med) days 5-9. I spoke with my nurse today because I was concerned about not starting yet (sorry guys), and she said that it can take up to TEN DAYS! It never took that long when I was on these meds before getting pregnant with Lillian. Oh well, my body is a lot different now...and been through a lot too! So I wait, and then call her back once I start...and then I have to go to the doctor and have an internal sonogram to check my ovaries for cysts, and a blood test to check progesterone (I guess?) to see if I ovulated. Then back to the doctor for a pregnancy test, and if it's negative, I get the Provera and Clomid for another month. WooHoo! haha!
I'm looking forward to a normal afternoon tomorrow! =) I get off at one, because I have to work this coming up Saturday....SO, I am meeting one of my bestest friends at Chick Fil A (YUM!) for lunch then going to hang out at the mall. Clif's graduation is coming up FAST...and I need something to wear, seeings that all the clothes that I have been wearing for the past year are now entirely too big! =) I think that I PROBABLY should buy some new shoes too....?
So that's my update...not really in order, or anything too important...just me, putting my thoughts and feelings out there!
Hope that you all had amazing weekends, and that you have an even better week.

Sending love to you all....



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*Mwah* :-D maybe I can convince Joe to let me get something too.... I don't think that will be too hard!

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