Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend from...well, you know.

...It only hurts when I'm breathing
...My heart only breaks when it's beating
...My dreams only die when I'm dreaming

This pretty much sums up how I was feeling this weekend, and unfortunately these feelings have creeped into this week with me too.My weekend. Bleh. Over it. Done. Ok, so it might not have been the WORST weekend ever, but it really wasn't great. We had ups and downs all weekend long. It feels like it lasted FOREVER, but then on the other hand it went by in a flash.
**sigh** Friday was horrible with a capital "F". I lost it in my bosses office, and then walked around on the verge of tears for the rest of the day. =(
As I said before hand, Friday was an emotional day. One year since I found out that I was pregnant with Lilly. It was just...hard.
Saturday was hard. Clif and I were at each others throats all day - for no real reason. So that was emotional. A good side of Saturday was the was did meet up with some friends at the mall for a few hours. ;-) That was a nice change of pace.
Sunday...emotional. So many thoughts running through my head. I know that fellow church members probably thought that I was a brat...especially a certain few. I have a friend that I've mentioned before...that had her baby a few months after Lilly passed away. We went through our whole pregnancies together. And when I walked in and saw the baby on Sunday, I just kept on walking. I know it was rude, I know that I probably came across as a jerk. But after the things that I dealt with on Friday, and then the weekend that followed...oh well. I can't please everyone, and that's just how I was feeling. Ya know?
So with about a million different emotions running crazy in my body...and Clif's's just been. Bleh.
Thanks for everyones prayers, keep em coming!


Em said...

That's rough. I'm sorry you had a crappy weekend.

Holly said...

I'm sorry it was such a horrible weekend. :( ((hugs))

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