Monday, March 15, 2010

Doctors, clamps...and cramps?

So today was my doctors appointment. FUN stuff. Not really...ha! It was... an experience to say the least. (I do have to say that having my friend, "A" with me at the office helped a lot.) But a praise (?) is that I didn't "start"...because I have been cramping, and thought that I was going to. If I had, I would have had to wait a whole week before going to the doctor, and then a whole month before getting back on my medications.
I have had myself all worked up since last night...worried about what the doctor may or may not say/do. =) Then this morning, since I was already wiggin out, I was blood pressure is going to be WAY up. This is where the fun really begins...
Dr.G was on call today, so I had to call to make sure he was there before I left work. Lucky for me, he WAS at least that much worked out. I got to the office, went to sign in...and the receptionist (who has always been kind of mean to me) asked for a copy of my insurance card (which was ok, because my insurance was renewed in January), but then she asked for my emergency contact information. Uh, hello! I have been going to this office since October 2008. GEEZ! So I had to give all that info...
Next, they called me back. Took my blood pressure. It was 140/80. Which is borderline... but compared to the 160/102 it's been being...I was pretty happy about it. =) They weighed me, and were very impressed with my almost 40 pound weight loss in four months.
I was then sent to the second waiting area, and after about ten or fifteen minutes the nurse came to get me. She takes me back to the exam room, and starts asking me all the routine questions.
She then asks, "How old is that little one of yours now?". I lost it. I looked at her, and was like, "My daughter was stillborn." Poor nurse, SHE started crying. She hadn't reviewed my file, and I'm assuming that the glasses threw her that was hard. It was hard enough going back into the office without her mentioning it. =(
After that came seeing Dr G. At least he remembered who I was!! Though, he forgot that I was there for my pap. He didn't even seem to remember that he was the one that told me to come in a month early for it! And then he was real vague about my medicines. It was weird. But everything worked out okay.
I would be like, alright I am going to find another doctor's office to go to... but I really like Dr G. He's been great, and I wouldn't want to have to find another doctor, and fill him in on all of my body's craziness...and everything with Lilly.
He didn't say anything about my blood pressure, so that made me feel better. Since it would have been normal if I hadn't of been freaking out about it. They drew blood to make sure that I'm not pregnant (I'll call for results in the morning), then I'll go to the pharmacy tomorrow to pick up my Provera and Clomid. FUN! =) I'm actually looking forward to it.
When I became pregnant with Lilly, it was my third (?) round of Clomid, at 150mg. Dr G wants to start me back at 50mg, and work from there. He said that if he starts me out at 150mg, then we would have to continue that dosage, and sometimes it could actually interfere with ovulation.
So yeah, that was my day. =) A little sad, a little happy. We're headed off to a revival meeting tonight, which I'm pretty excited about!
Hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you think about it...say a prayer for me as I embark on my bumpy road of conception...again. =)


JenJen said...

Ugh, the first time in the office is rough :( We were in the waiting room and some innocent lady leaned over and said "how far along are you...?" I started to cry and my hubby polited said that we weren' was a horrendous experience...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you begin your ttc journey...have fun at the revival!

Trennia said...

thinking about ya..

Raquel said...

We are praying for y'all everyday that the Lord will bless you with another little one soon and that If it is His will sooner rather than later! We love you!

croleyc69 said...

Praying for you so much. When I went to the hospital to have Carly the nurse was looking at my chart at how many times pregnant and live births and out of her mouth she seen I had 2 non live and she thought I had a abortion for both. HOW RUDE ???

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