Monday, July 4, 2011


Ugh. 24 hour urine collection. Really? I had to start the collection this morning, and let me just say... I think I will be surprising the lab tech at Dr.G's office. I asked Dr.G what happens if I fill up the jug, and he said that I could ask S for two.
Clif mentioned it to her as she was giving me instructions for the testing, and she gave me two :) Saying that she had only ever seen ONE person fill up more than one, and it was a man with prostrate problems. Greeeeaat. Ha! It's not quite 1:00, and I have filled up half a jug! I'm not even's gross, but this is ridiculous. I knew that I was going often, but that doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm using one of those plastic tumbler things to collect it in, and then I have to dump it into the jug. In all seriousness... there hasn't been a time that I've been the the bathroom that I haven't filled up the tumbler 3/4 of the way.
Okay... I know, gross... moving on. Bleh.
So I go to Dr.G's office tomorrow to drop off my jug(s), to get an ultrasound, and for an office visit with Dr.M. I'm looking forward to being able to see the babies again... considering I wouldn't have been able to check on them until this coming up Thursday. However, my anxiety is up a bit because I'm going without Clif. This will be the first appointment (during this pregnancy) that Clif has not gone with me. And I don't like it. Not one bit. :( We always schedule our appointments around his work schedule, BUT, this time...we had to schedule around the urine collection. Puke. That's what I feel like doing anyway.
I know that it'll be okay. God is in control, and He will be there with me through the whole thing. And so will my mom. But it's not the same.
My anxiety levels always shoot up when I get an ultrasound anyways. Even if the babies are going NUTS before hand, dark rooms...belly jelly and ultrasound wands always bring back horrific memories of the morning of November 13th. No heartbeat. Whew... yeah, not looking forward to this adventure without my hubby. :*(
Clif's cousin, wife & little boy are in from Texas this week. It's kinda sad because we don't see them often... in fact, the last time we saw them was when I was like 4 weeks pregnant with Lilly. And because of bed rest...we won't really get to spend much time with them :( They did come see us yesterday was so nice seeing them!! We will probably get to see them once or twice more before they head back.
The cousin's wife, K, freaked Clif out. :) All day Saturday and part of the day yesterday, the babies were going crazy. Actually... over the last week, they have become a lot more active. Like to the point where you can see my belly jiggling at almost any given time. K was talking about how weird it was going to be when "quickening" started. :) Clif was like, what's that??? She explained that it's when the babies start to get really active, because they are preparing to come out! He's mentioned it several times since then. Needless to say, he thinks that the 3 E's are "quickening". Oh boy.
It's a pretty full week this week... at least for someone that's on bed rest. Today my mom is over organizing my room, rearranging furniture, and doing laundry. Trying to get everything ready for babies!! We've got to get everything straight so that we can move the portable crib that we got for our room. :) Fun stuff.
Clif is working all day :( And tonight, we are having all our family over for a cook out... which I will be enjoying from my couch.
Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr.M & an ultrasound, Wednesday is pretty free (I think)...oh, and I think that Clif is going to try his hand at my baked ziti, not to mention that I will officially hit the 30 week mark!! Thursday is another appointment at the prenatal center...and then Clif has to work all weekend. :(  Boo! At least it's day shift!
I'll be sure to update after our appointments this week... hopefully there won't be much change to report other than baby growth! And a good report on my protein clearance thingie.
A quick prayer request, and I will close. The brother of one of our friends was involved in a hit & run accident last night and has been in surgery for hours. I am told that it's not life threatening injuries... but it's definitely life changing. :( Please pray for him, and his family.
Happy Independence Day!!!


That corgi :) said...

LOL with your collection jars, but at least they know that you are drinking your fluids, right??

I know you would rather have Clif be with you at the appointment, but just think what a neat experience for your mom to be there to share this part of your pregnancy with you, to hear heartbeats, see the babies on the ultrasound, etc. I think she will be a great comfort to you!!

How exciting to be at 30 weeks too so very soon!! Getting closer!


Caroline said...

Praying for you and your appt.

Caroline said...

Also praying the friend in the accident. Take care

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