Thursday, July 21, 2011

it's 4:52, do you know where your children are?

I know where mine are! The hospital :) And I am across the street (in our very comfty hotel) pumping away. Fun stuff. Oh, and did I mention that Clif is sound asleep in bed. Hmmm... must be nice.
Things are going really well...and it's so hard to get my sleep deprived brain to think of things that we should update on.
Eli & Easton are up to 8 feeds a day, and tolerating very well. They've both needed a little help with their "stooling", and have been given some meds (Elliana was started on these meds a few days earlier because she had yet to "empty" things on her own).
Since I last wrote, we were able to start "kangaroo time" with all three babies! For those of you that don't know, Kangaroo time is a time of skin to skin holding for Mommy,Daddy, and babies. Generally during a normal care time, they swaddle the baby for you to hold... but for Kangaroo time, you strip from the waist up and have your baby (diaper only) put on your chest, and covered with a blankie. It's pretty magical. I have had this special time with all three babies now, and while my time with all the babies was special... my time with Easton was most memorable. :) He's a funny little guy. The nurse handed him off to me yesterday... he came to me crying, but settled as soon as reaching my arms. And then as soon as the nurse walked away...this kid went NUTS. He smelled my all he could do was burrow into me. He'd push with his feet, raise his head to look at me...start crying, and then flop his head down right between my breasts. Then (while still crying) he would start making sucking noises, and actually started to LICK me. Not suck...not even trying to suck... but LICK me. It was HILARIOUS. :) And then he found his thumb. Call me crazy, but I do have the pictures to prove it. He found his thumb, got JUST his thumb in his mouth...and really sucked on it. Craziness.
The only other update we have is that they told us a few days ago that Elliana has a slight heart murmur. They thought that it would correct on it's own during her first few days of life - but it has not. They started her on medications the night before last, and it's supposed to be a three day deal. At least for the first round. The only thing that breaks my heart is that she is not able to be fed during time of treatment, so she is having to rely fully on her nutrients coming from the IV. And she SOOO loves her nutrition coming from Mommy's milk. :( Only a day or so left...and I am so glad. Please pray that this one round will take the murmur away, and that we won't have to put her through this again!


Danae said...

It's 5:17 as I type my response and I know where my babies are! One is safe in Heaven and the other is using my belly as her own personal punching bag! :)

Your story about Easton's kangaroo time is hilarious! I saw the update on Facebook yesterday and laughed!

I hope Miss Elliana's first round of meds take care of this heart murmur.

They are all three so beautiful and they are lucky to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy and a beautiful big sister watching over them!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So glad things are going well! That's just great :-)

Pierce had a heart murmur when he was born - he had a pediatric cardiologist for a while. It did heal up on his own - the doctor wasn't sure it would. I hope that the meds are successful for Elliana!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Awesome update. Praying for Elliana's murmur to go away with the treatment. ((HUGS)) The Kangaroo time sounds awesome. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

That corgi :) said...

thanks for the update; I didn't know what kangaroo time was when you referenced it on FB. That does sound like a special time! I will continue to pray for the babies and their health, heart murmurs, etc.

(I'm going on a blog break, I've been working LOTS of overtime, so no time to blog these days; do know I'll be reading FB and checking updates, but probably won't be commenting during the break)

just continue to do what you have been doing all along, trusting in God! He is right there with you, Clif and your wee ones!


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