Monday, July 11, 2011

more than we deserve.

I can't help but smile after a good doctor's appointment. :) And yes, I'm smiling today! Our appointment with Dr.G (yes, we actually got to see him!!!) went wonderfully.
I was squeezed in for an ultrasound with Miss V to check fluids & heart rates. Everyone looks good, and heart rates are god as well. :) Miss V says that there are plenty of pockets of fluids around babies important parts. All three little ones have stayed in the same position, for the most part. Though - I think all three of them have turned over. Their heads are in the same that's a plus. I don't know how much more my poor belly can take.
Last night was a rough night... actually, all evening... into last night. Babies were very active. And normally, that does nothing but make me smile. Last night? Not so much smiling going on. I really thought that Elliana's foot was going to pop out of my...well, you know. Seriously. It was really painful. No contractions... but lots of movement and pressure "down there".
After telling my nurse, J, about this... she told Dr.G. :) Which led to a pelvic exam. FUN STUFF. :( Not. Talk about uncomfortable. Bleh. Anyway... he said that sometimes things are going on, and women don't realize it, so he wanted to check and make sure that everything was okay. Cervix is still clamped shut, but softening. :) Now to see if the exam jump starts anything...
We discussed the steroid shots... I was hoping to possibly get one this week, and then one at 33 weeks just to help their lung development. Dr.G said that they used to do repeat shots, but after some study done on sheep (his exact words) they no longer like to do it. Apparently there was some neurological findings. ANYWAY... so unless they foresee problems before 33 weeks, we will get the shot then.
Dr.G knows that I'm getting really uncomfortable, and expresses that he wants the babies out just as much as I do! I think we all will be able to sleep better at night once these babies get here! Just a few more weeks to go.
Dr.G told us something today that at first really upset me until I understood him better. He is leaving his current practice in August. :( He's going to stay in the area but will be over a group of interns. Which is cool for him...but I was seriously about to start crying. I thought he said (Clif later corrected me) that it might take place before my post op appointment, to have my staples & such removed...and that I might have to see another doctor. I was wrong. :) He will still be seeing his private patients...and what he said was, that I might have to go to another office to see him. Which is awesome, because I couldn't imagine seeing another doctor after being with him for so long. But it's also sad... because I want everyone else at that office to see our babies too! :( So yeah, bitter sweet.
After everything was said and done, Dr.G left the room for me to get dressed. After getting ready, Clif and I were walking out when he decided he was going to stop by Dr.G's office and say "thank you". Well, apparently Clif went in his office and started thanking Dr.G not only for everything he has done during this pregnancy, but everything he has done for us in the last two years. Which...really, it's three years that I've been seeing him. Clif told Dr.G that he had exceeded our expectations as a doctor, and that he had gone above and beyond what his actual job is. Needless to say, Clif might have made our doctor cry. Dr.G told Clif that we are a very special family of five... but quickly corrected himself, "six, with your little girl". I am SO thankful that I wasn't in there because I would have lost it. He recognized our Lilly as part of our family. Not something that many doctor's do.
*sigh* Every time I see Dr.G I can't help but think about how much I LOVE that doctor! He has been nothing but good to me. And to think that there are many people in my life that think I should have switched doctor's after losing Lilly... I couldn't imagine being followed so closely by anyone else. Dr. G has been a tremendous blessing to me, and my family. :) I can't wait to see him hold our babies!!
Well... I think that's it for now. We have another appointment at the prenatal center on Friday morning. And then an appointment with T next Monday morning... :( We can't see Dr.G because he's not in the office that day...or the next. BOO!
Actually, from what I can tell...all of our appointments are scheduled for the next three weeks. It makes everything real and scary! :) we are going to have three babies here in THREE WEEKS...and two days, but who's counting?

**Prayer Requests**
-Please pray for a friend of mine (pregnant with twins) that has been having strong contractions for *almost* two weeks now. :( She is 37 weeks pregnant, but isn't progressing much in the dilation department. Hopefully they will induce soon!
-Please pray for a young couple who said goodbye to their baby girl a week or so ago, there was a graveside service held for this precious angel today.


Caroline said...

Yay for a great appt. Yay for a wonderful Dr.

Yay for three babies. Always in my prayers all of you.

That corgi :) said...

that is sad Dr. G is leaving that practice, but he does sound like a gem of a doctor! I know you will continue to see him, even if it is just to pop in and show him how big the little ones are getting!! so glad the visit went well! Every day a little closer!!


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