Thursday, July 14, 2011

quick update... (non facebook users)

Most of you probably already know through facebook, but some of you might not. I went to get the second half of the steroid shot this afternoon. Dr.G was not in the office, but his nurse (J) gave it to me. More painful than yesterday's for sure... J put it closer to the "rear" than the other nurse...and used quite a bit of force behind it too! Right in the muscle.
We talked to J, and she said that Dr.G came in after his shift at the hospital this morning and said that he was really surprised I wasn't back in the ER last night - because of the events of yesterday. He told her that he will be thrilled if I can make it past 2:00 tomorrow. They say that the steroid shot is most effective after 48 hours of the first injection, up to a week. Dr.G is on call all weekend (- tonight) we are hoping that we can at least hold out until he comes on shift in the morning.
Several people have asked about the babies being so small, and what kind of care they will need. More than likely, they will spend some time in the NICU. Clif and I have been preparing ourselves for this since the day that we found out that I was carrying three precious babies inside my womb. We are trusting God fully in this department. All three babies have shown signs of breathing, and the boys have done so consistently. We are praying for the best outcome possible...and that God would bring our babies safely into this world, in His time.
Not that I know His timing... but I have that gut feeling that it's going to be SOON. I told the nurse today that I can feel that my belly has dropped. Looking back at last weeks picture compared to this week, I can definitely see it. Which makes complete sense since Dr.G said that my cervix is shortened. J says that it means the babies are moving down toward the birth canal.
:) Please continue to pray with us concerning the babies... will keep you all updated as much as possible! Number one prayer request is that the babies arrive safely with minimal problems...that their lungs may be well on their way to completely developed, and that they would be able to learn to eat quickly (if they need any assistance). Also, please pray for the best possible birth weight for all three :) Nerves are HIGH mode, but we are trusting the Most High! <3



Raquel said...

I can definitely tell you've dropped. We will be praying that the little ones arrive super healthy, happy, and won't need to spend much (if any) time in the NICU. God bless you, Clif and the triplets. :-)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keeping all of you in my prayers and praying that they can wait as long as possible. Also praying for their lungs to be perfect and for them each to have a nice birth weight. ((HUGS))

That corgi :) said...

praying!! I'm thinking you know your body best and if you think SOON it is going to be soon; you've been spot on about other things with this pregnancy, so I'm trusting in your intuition.

I'm so excited for you all!!


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