Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayer For Elliana.

Dear Friends,Family & Strangers...
Clif and I are asking desperately that you pray for our precious baby girl, Elliana Rayne. Elliana has a heart murmur that was noticed just a few days after her birth (11 days ago). She has been given two rounds of medications to try and correct the murmur (PDA), but neither round helped.
Nurse practitioners/doctors have told us that they generally do not like to give more than two rounds of the medication. Since her second round, she has been retaining quite a bit of fluids...which has become a concern of ours - and her health care providers. This morning, they did an xray of her shoulder (to check her picc line, it had coiled up yesterday) and they noticed that her heart & fluids around the lungs had drastically increased. She was scheduled to have another scan of her heart tomorrow, to determine whether or not the PDA had begun to close... but they bumped it up to today.
Verdict is in and the cardiologist says that the PDA is still there - and it has not begun to close. We still have not heard a finalized decision from the doctor and surgeon - but the nurse practitioner that we talked to today seems to think that the doctors are going to decide on surgery.
It's really scary... and it's one of the hardest (I'd say the second hardest) thing that I've ever had to face. BUT...we know that God is in control of our babies.
Please pray for Elliana as she may (more than likely) be facing this surgery in the next  day or so - not taking away from her, say a prayer for Mommy & Daddy too! It's been a stressful day...the feeling of helplessness is absolutely consuming at times.
The doctors say that the surgery is very common, especially in preemies. Though, normally babies of Elliana's age generally correct on their own. They did say that they have had their fair share of surgeries on babies of her age. Of course, like with every surgery - there are risks...and that's what terrifies me.
*sigh* Please pray for us, and our beautiful baby girl in the days to come. Will update when we have more information. Thanks in advance for all the prayers sent up.
Not to leave out the boys... they seem to be doing well. They are currently competing in size/weight AND "spells"...I think they are destined to be a handful...or two. :) Please continue to pray for their health, and growth...along with Little Miss. Praying that all three will be home safe with us in the weeks to come.


Trennia said...

praying for all of your family exspecially baby girl

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I will definitely have Elliana and her little brothers in my prayers. May God give you all strength during the next few days. Sending lots of love!!


Caroline said...

Praying so many extra prayers for your little girl. Knowing God is there always it's still so hard. Praying for all of you & your families & all the Dr's & Nurses. God is so Good.

Sarita Boyette said...

I will be praying for all of you and I wanted to give my sincere congratulations to you and your family. The babies are beautiful & I pray they all grow strong & healthy.

Crystal Theresa said...

Praying, praying.

Jessica said...

I will certainly be praying!! <3 (((hugs)))

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm sorry that she's facing surgery, Desiree. Lots of prayers for her and her doctors who will be seeing her through.

Michelle said...

i'll be praying! i know this probably won't help much, but in the past 2 years i've had 4 brain surgeries. like, so many that now i don't even think of them as a bigger deal than, say, walking the dog. :-P OF COURSE it seemed big & scary - with tons of risks - and that doesn't mean that the fears weren't valid or that the risks didn't exist. but the doctors DO know what they're doing, and the bottom line is this: your baby is safer WITH the surgery than without it. so even though it's a big deal, this is the safer place for your little girl to be.

keep us posted!

- michelle

Leslie said...


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am so sorry. ((HUGS)) My prayers are with Elliana and her surgery.
Keeping all of you in my prayers.

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