Saturday, July 23, 2011

For I know the plans...

And I know He does. He hold the future of my family in the palms of His hands.

Just a quick note to ask you all to be praying for Elliana. Her heart murmur has not shrunk, and she has had the maximum doses of the medication. The doctor & surgeon met this morning and have decided to keep an eye on her, considering that she is still doing so well on her own. She is still on room air, and is doing wonderfully! The next step would be a surgery (that's "dangerous" but done all the time), where they go in through her side and put a clip on the artery to make it close. The surgery takes about an hour.

Clif and I are bathing this in prayer, and asking that you join us. We are praying that if it be God's will that he will heal this hole - and that she may not have to go through the surgery (not to mention Mom & Dad having to go through it too!!). We know that His will will be accomplished in the end...

Also, asking for prayer that when Easton has his next EKG that his small murmur will be healed.

Eli seems to be fine :) Growing - and chugging his bottles like crazy!

God bless you all... and thank you in advance for praying with us for our precious children.


That corgi :) said...

Praying!! Trusting in God, the Great Physician. Knowing if Elliana needs surgery, he will be guiding the surgeon's hands, but we will pray for the Lord to heal the hole; will also pray for Easton and his next test. And of course for Eli; glad he is growing and chugging his bottles! Always great when they eat and eat and eat!


Caroline said...

Praying always for everyone.

Ausmerican Housewife said...

You got it.

Good job Eli! Keep chugging those bottles down and get big and chubby!

Easton and Elliana, we pray in Jesus name that your murmurs are miraculously healed and that your doctors can find no trace of them at your next examination. We know you can do this God! Amen!

Trennia said...


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