Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 weeks :)

Yesterday was the first doctor's appointment that I had without Clif by my side. :) BUT, once again...we got another good report.
Starting off, when I walked in I informed the receptionist that I had my 24 hour urine collection with me... and that I needed to get it to S, and have blood drawn. Turns out that 3/4 of the staff were off yesterday, so things were a little crazy. However, they did take me right back to the lab, weighed me (2 pounds since Friday...yes, we're officially at 50 pounds), took blood, took my blood pressure (borderline... but I had been running around since I got there)... and then got me right in for my ultrasound.
The babies had been going CRAZY on the way to the office, so I wasn't as nervous as I originally thought that I might be. Easton especially. :) Clif and I were talking last night how we look forward to seeing all the babies, and watching their personalities come out... but we both are anxious to see Easton's. Just because we feel like he has so much personality already.
The ultrasound was...uncomfortable. It took a little longer than I thought it would... which freaked me out a little, and made me a little sick feeling. If we hadn't finished up when we did... I probably would have had another fainting scene. She scared me at first because she spent a lot of time looking at Eli...but then finally apologized for taking so long, saying that she was just trying to figure out how the babies were positioned... and what parts belonged to who. Ha! There are babies everywhere in there. Eli is still breached, though he has moved up...with his head closer to the middle of my right side. Easton is always flipping around...his head has shifted a bit to my right, and his little body is curled across the top of my belly...with his feet kicking his sister in the butt. Too funny. Elliana continues to keep her head down...though it has gotten much lower, V was all the way down on my pubic bone looking at Elliana's head. Crazy little girl. She is butt up in the top of my belly on the left side, with her feet kinda dangling all around.
All three were definitely hyped up in there, V said that their heart rates were completely normal... but so high because they were moving so much! :) She kept going on and on about how "good" the babies are looking. Made me smile, proud mommy already!! After she looked around and listened to the heart beats she circled back around to measure their fluids. When she got back to Eli, he had moved. She was absolutely amazed that number one, he had enough room to flip (becoming breached) anyway... but then he had scooted himself over to my left in a matter of minutes :) She says that all the fluids are completely normal...though it's hard to measure them at this point because the babies are so active! She says it's pretty much like putting three little kids in a kiddie pool and watching them splash around. She did spend quite a while on each baby to ensure that there is plenty of fluid where it should be, and from what she could tell it all looked good!
After the ultrasound was finished...we waited. And waited...and then waited some more. I hate complaining... but I was SO tired and worn out by the time I got home... I just crashed. I waited from 3:30 until 4:45 to see Dr.M. He was the only doctor in the office yesterday, and he had been on call until 3pm. Whew. My appointment with him was 3:30-3:45. We FINALLY got called back, and I crashed on the exam table until Dr.M came in. He measured me (though didn't say anything....haha) and then gave a shot at listening to their heart rates. Which he picked up on the first time! :) He's the only one that has been able to do that so far. Impressive!
He told me that he wasn't sure if MY doctor's had talked to me about it, but HE was telling me that my most active days should be when I go to the doctor. Well duh! I told him that my life consists of laying on the couch, and going to the bathroom... with a shower once a day. :) He said to continue to do what I'm doing, because apparently I am doing something right! 30 weeks...he was very impressed with that, and agreed that I probably had a 50/50 chance of making it to 34 weeks. He continued to tell me how well I was doing, and that they had a set of twins at the hospital that were born before 30 the fact that I've made it this far is amazing.
We also found out that my c-section IS in fact scheduled for August 3rd at 10:53am (random!). it's just a waiting game. We'll see if I make it that far, which honestly... I don't think that I will be making it to that point. Only time will tell.
We have a growth scan at the prenatal center tomorrow at one, and we are praying praying praying that we have three pound babies in there! At least the boys...we figure that Elliana will more than likely still be behind her brothers, but we continue to pray!
Will update again soon...
Oh, and word to the wise...don't schedule a doctor's appointment for the day after a holiday!! We checked out about 45 minutes after the office is supposed to close. :)


That corgi :) said...

wow what a day, but what a great report, thank you Lord!

It seems interesting that the staff would be so low the day after a holiday; I think that is when an office potentially could be the busiest with people waiting through the weekend if they feel they have a "minor" problem.

I also think, LOL, that they need to schedule your appointments first thing in the morning or the earlier the better since it does wear you out so much especially if you have to wait. But hey, the end is in sight and each day gets you one step closer (I know I used that cliche before).

still praying


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