Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 week weigh in...

Today's doctor's appoint = amazing!

I have to say...we haven't had a disappointing appointment yet! And we can not thank God enough for that. We are so incredibly blessed.

Our ultrasound couldn't have gone any better. Eli & Easton both received an 8 on their score cards today, because BOTH of them breathed for 30 seconds straight. Little Miss Elliana got a 6 because though she did give us a few breaths, she was too stubborn to breathe for 30 seconds. Little booger. :)  They said that it's nothing to worry about, especially at this stage in the game. But it was the first time that we got to see her breathe, so it made me feel better.

All three babies have rearranged themselves since TUESDAY. Really? Less than 48 hours later and they are all positioned differently. Crazy little kids. Eli has moved his head up to my side, with his body down at the bottom of my belly...legs tucked under his butt. Easton is head in my side, and the rest of his body right down the middle of my belly. And Elliana went from having her head almost hanging OUT of me to her head securely in my left rib cage...with her butt about half way down my tummy and legs going every which way. Oh, and did I mention that all three babies are breeched? Yep...those are my kids! :) They are crammed so close together that it took a few minutes for S to measure Elliana's fluids... because the boys were squishing her!

Speaking of fluids, the ultrasound tech, S, explained it to us today. Thank goodness! :) She said that for multiples, they only measure one pocket on each baby... because it's so difficult to do. They consider 2mm to be normal for triplets. The boys fluids are measuring 5-6, and Elliana's is a 7. Gotta love it.

Weight gain was a huge thing this week, and for wasn't Mommy! Though... it did make me feel better to learn that my three pound weight gain in TWO weeks has been all baby!! Here is what the babies weighed in at two weeks ago, at their last growth scan.

Eli = 2lb8oz
Easton = 2lb11oz
Elliana = 2lb4oz

....and today?

Eli = 3lb8oz
Easton = 3lb6oz
Elliana = 2lb13oz

HOORAY! :) We have been praying non stop that these babies would gain weight rapidly, and that they are!! The doctor's seem to be thoroughly impressed with how big our babies are at just 30 weeks. They are almost on track for a SINGLETON pregnancy! Praise the Lord! Other praises, she couldn't measure because of the way little man is folded in there... BUT... Eli's kidneys continue to look normal!

We saw Dr.D today, the older man. He didn't have one negative thing to say. I told him about my blood pressure being up, and Dr.G increasing my dose of Labatalol. He agreed with that, and basically told me to keep an eye on it. He said that the babies seem to be doing great! And he told me unless I heard something about the 24 hour protein clearance, that...apparently, I have been cleared! :) We have three more appointments scheduled at the prenatal center...and then it's D-Day!!! Dr.D agrees with Dr.G's statement of that I have a 50/50 chance to make it to August 3rd... but says that I continue to do exceptional... and he really thinks that I may have a chance. Which means... if these babies keep it up...we might have 4-5 pounders!! WOO HOO!

One cute thing that happened during the ultrasound. We were watching Easton and he started doing this crazy thing with his lips. It was like he was sucking. We sat there for several minutes watching him "suck" and swallow!! You could see his little tongue poke out of his mouth and everything. It was precious...and yes, I did cry a little bit. AND since we rarely ever get to see their faces because of their tight quarters...we got an added treat :) PICTURES!! Now if Eli & Elliana would just show their little faces for their Mommy & Daddy!

I'd like to say that he is blowing kisses to his mommy!

OH! And one more cool thing. There was a student in the room for our ultrasound. A younger lady...and when I walked in, I thought I recognized her. But didn't really pay any mind to it. Well...when they left out to leave us to wait for Dr.D - Clif was like, do you remember her?

I don't know if any of you remember me complaining about Dr.S bringing a PREGNANT woman in the room for my IUI... BUT... it was her!! :) She remembered us too. AND she had her baby, and he is now 5 months old. Pretty cool.


That corgi :) said...

yea!!! great news!! Thank you Lord!! I keep saying this and praying this, but God is knitting those babies together!! all great weights! It is soooo close!!!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So happy to hear how well things are going! :-)

L Holloway said...

Praise the Lorde Desiree. Those babies are going to be so big they won't need much NICU stay. I know size doesn't mean there wouldn't be any other problems, but I truly believe these babies will be home in no time at all!
And by the way, if you still want/need the carseat and two bases, let me know. I am ready to give them to you.

mrslinares said...

I don't comment so often but i have been following your journey for a while, i pray for you and your 3 little ones all the time.

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