Wednesday, April 20, 2011

nineteen with three :)

This week has been a pretty uneventful week. What a relief! I love weeks like this. Where nothing goes wrong... where everything seems to be fine. Weeks where I feel good (or at least as good as you can when you are 19 weeks pregnant with triplets!).

Today we reached the nineteen week mark. Can't believe we have made it this far with little to no bumps along the road! I feel calm most days. Of course, there are days when I feel like I am going to explode with anxiety... but those days are few and far between. I really just have a sense of peace with this pregnancy.

I'm officially past the half way mark (more than likely). I have made it farther (in weeks) than I have left to go. That's pretty exciting!! Seventeen weeks left until the 36 week mark, which is where I pray to make it to!

With two of my three placentas being anterior - I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to feel my little Skittle's move around in there. I have felt "flutters" (more like fishies swimming around in my belly) since about twelve weeks or so. But then again... it could have just been gas! :) But now I feel definite movement. Not as often as I would like... but I felt them every day for the last week or so. Their movements are finally getting a little more force behind them. Clif was even able to feel Eli & possibly Baby No Name on Monday night. It was...well, one of the best feelings in the world.

If you have ever been pregnant... you know that feeling your baby(s) move is one of the most magical feelings you will ever experience. And then being able to watch the face of your partner light up when he feels the baby...priceless. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love it.

As crazy as I may sound saying this, I can't wait to feel all three of them going crazy in there! :) Just hope that I'm close to a bathroom, seeing as I have had a few close calls already!

I love to watch people's faces when they ask when I'm due and I answer with "September 14th". :) It never fails to crack me up. They look a little surprised and then usually say something nice to cover up their shock. And when I tell them that I am carrying triplets - it's even better. I normally get the, "oh... I was thinking that you are kind of big to have that much further to go!" :)

Currently... I have mostly good days - with a few rough ones mixed in every now and again. I get REALLY tired...very easily. And I've started to swell with the heat. More of that to come, I'm sure.

We are SO excited about our April 28th appointment. :) It's for our anatomy scan...and hopefully to confirm Baby C's sex, and to reveal Baby B's (aka No Name) sex. We are still holding out for a girl...but not getting our hopes up too much. seems like every single pregnant person that I know (with the exception of like two) are carrying little boys. And the majority of people that have recently had babies...BOYS. I definitely think it's the season of the boys. :) this point, as much as I want a little girl... I really don't care as long as they are happy and healthy.

PLUS...there is always a next time **wink wink**


Trennia said...

beautiful post!

TanaLee Davis said...

yay for belly and babies healthy thus far!
Congrats! Thank you for the update...always think of you and the skittles.

That corgi :) said...

I look forward to your updates; always glad to hear things are going well. I do hope Baby B will "reveal" who he/she is next week! Whatever, I know he/she will be deeply loved!! Years ago I lived next door to a family who had triplet girls first and then about 2-3 years later had a little who knows......

praying for you


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