Monday, April 25, 2011

lillies for Easter & diaper bags

Saturday proved to be...weird.

It was a LONG day, to say the least. I was physically exhausted...because I had been on my feel all day long. It was nice, because I was able to spend the whole entire day with Clif. :)

We went to town and did some shopping at Wal*Mart. I felt weird when we went to the register to check out. In my arms I carried pink Lillie's to take to the cemetery (to take after a LONG time of not going...),

 a green polka dotted rug for the Skittle's bathroom... and a diaper bag. So I was buying flowers to place on my fist Born's grave while I bought items for the babies that we are praying to bring home in mid August. Weird.

I also had a pretty rough day emotionally. I've had a hard time feeling the babies move on a regular basis since they have started moving, I guess mainly because of the anterior placentas. But I DO normally feel them a few times during the day - and if I lay down, I almost always feel them swimming around :) Well, on Saturday - I guess because I was constantly moving I didn't feel them. It started to worry me, so I decided to lay down and rest. Still nothing. I went all day, and a good part into the night without feeling them move. I even ate a taco from taco bell with two packs of hot sauce..ha! Eli normally moves around if I feed him spicy food!!

FINALLY when Clif and I got home from my parents house I laid on the couch for a while, relaxed (while receiving a leg & back rub from my hubby)... and after a few minutes he finally started moving. :) I can't even begin to describe the relief. Clif, of course, never was worried...and I tried not to be. But sometimes it's just plain hard.

As I sit here typing about not feeling them move as often, I'm getting sweet little kicks to the bottom of my tummy from Mr.Eli. LOVE this feeling :)


TanaLee Davis said...

How scary! I can't even begin to imagine what your poor heart was feeling.
Glad your skittles are letting you know now they are present.

Caroline said...

I know that would be scary. Glad they started moving. It's probably kinda crowded in there too.
{{HUGS}} Take care

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'm glad your little one started to move again and gave you some peace of mind :)

Lillian's flowers are so pretty!

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