Sunday, April 17, 2011

half full :)

Eighteen weeks pregnant with my three little Skittle's.

Baby A = Eli Zane

Baby B = To be determined *hopefully* on April 28th. Hopefully "V" can work her magic and make stubborn baby show his/her stuff!!!

Baby C = Easton Lane

At eighteen weeks... for the most part, I feel great. Or as great as you can feel when you are eighteen *almost* nineteen weeks pregnant with triplets. :) My only complaints are that my back is starting to hurt, my ankles are *slightly* swollen from time to time, and I get tired very very easily.

Movement is hit or miss. They (especially Eli) tend to react to food more than anything! Just like a *little* man. Dr g said that it may take me longer to feel strong movements due to Easton & Baby B's placentas being anterior. So where they aren't STRONG movements... I do feel them swimming in there. Mostly when I'm still. Hopefully in a few more weeks they will be big enough for me to feel on a regular basis.

Blood pressure has been really good. Last week it was extremely low - and I was actually concerned about it being TOO low. We're talking 110s/60s...which is weird for me. This week it has been back up 120s/80s...which has always been normal for me. It's weird - when I am active, it tends to be lower. I guess it makes sense.

Weight gain :) Touchy subject., actually I have gotten past really caring. As long as the babies and me are healthy, that's all I care about. As of this past Wednesday, my weight gain is up to 20 pounds. Dr G told me in the beginning that I should gain 45 pounds. I have been reading a book written by a doctor that specializes in multiple pregnancies and she says (I think) between 60-75 pounds, even if you were overweight before becoming pregnant.

Speaking of weight - I told Clif that he may not ever want to see me without clothes on, but that I am going to be super skinny after these babies are born. I weighed 129 or less when we first got together. :) And that's what I'm pushing for after Eli, Easton, and B get here.'s Sunday morning and I am off to church. :) We have a missionary/Evangelist speaking this morning, and then out to eat. Clif is working :( So he will not be joining us. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


That corgi :) said...

Thank you!!! Now I know who Baby A and Baby C are and eagerly look forward to finding out who Baby B is (as I know you and Clif are too, LOL :)

Love their names too and the theme with them.

Sounds like all is going great with the blood pressure and weight. I think you do have to be realistic with the weight and realize you are carrying three babies so you "naturally" will gain more than someone carrying one baby. I'm somehow thinking after they are born you are going to be just a bit busy that the weight will probably come off reasonably in time.

Sounds like a nice Sunday; enjoy!


Raquel said...

My goodness...that's fantastic that you've only gained 20 pounds. That must mean you, yourself haven't technically gained anything at all...most of that's just the weight of the babies! :-) I LOVE the names and I'm so hoping that baby B will be named something girly! Hope you have an awesome Sunday!!!

Lori said...

Hope Baby B cooperates! Would love to know!!!! You be nice to yourself! I gained FIFTY pounds with Matthew....mostly fluid, but still....I only had ONE! You look great!!

Jennifer said...

You feed those sweet babies ALL they and their mama want to eat. I'm with ya, don't worry about weight gain. There are after all three... You know I am partial to Eli and I love Easton also. Can't wait to find out what baby B is. I also can not believe you are already 18 weeks. Wow... Before you know it you will literally have your arms full!!

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