Monday, April 25, 2011

19 weeks :)

So this past Wednesday marked nineteen weeks pregnant with our precious triplets :) Eli, Easton & Baby No Name (which hopefully will change this coming up Thursday morning!!!)

Enjoy the below pictures of the baby bump & a few things that we have picked up for the babies along the way!

~From Gigi~ 
~From Mommy & Daddy~

~Boots for boys OR girls~

~from Daddy~

                                                                        A room full :)
~From Poppy & Gigi~

~From Ms Fay~

~From Gigi~


Caroline said...

Cute Bump & everything else looks beautiful. Hoping you see a little girl Thursday. I know even if not you'll still be happy.
Keeping you in my prayers always.

TanaLee Davis said...

Wow that roomed looks jam packed! Yay for baby goods. Thank you for sharing. I was wondering since I couldn't remember what post you mentioned it in, what do you say to people when they ask if this is your first baby or pregnancy?
You can email me the answer @ or comment on my blog @
Thank you.

JenJen said...

You look great and everything for the boys (and, girl?) is adorable :)

Gosh, that is going to be one crowded nursery!

Trennia said...

Beautiful Bump!
I love those boots!
You are so blessed, congrats on everything I'm so happy for you!

That corgi :) said...

all cute outfits, accessories!! How cool with everything in the nursery!! As long as there is a bit of room to move around, it should be just fine! Looking really good! Thinking of you this morning when I was praying for you guys that you could find out about "mysterious Baby B" and be able to finally name him or her!!! How exciting! I look forward to hearing what you find out when you find it out!


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Looking great! Wow!!! Look at that room full of cute baby things!!

Lori said...

Oh have no idea how happy seeing those pictures makes me!!!! I just LOVE them!!! Can't wait to see how Thursday goes!!!

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