Friday, April 29, 2011


Eli Zane Smith

Easton Lane Smith

Elliana Rayne Smith

God has answered my {our} prayers.

Yes...babies in general (well, actually A baby) was our prayer. And we got our prayers answered times three. BUT there is something about that little girl. No, not a replacement of Lilly... but because of Lilly, little girls will always hold a special place in my heart. My girls. Oh my gosh... my girls. :) I am mommy to two beautiful baby girls... not to mention two precious little BOYS! Ah! We are SOOOO very blessed... I can't even begin to tell you!!

Yesterday's ultrasound went WONDERFULLY. :) First of all...fluids are PERFECT, which of course has been my main concern since day 1. Babies are very active and very healthy, as far as we can tell. Everyone's heart's,kidney's,stomachs,brains...ect ect look good...and they are measuring right on track! Eli was being a little bit of a stubborn brat... laying on his tummy and refusing to move (until we left the office, of course!!)... so we couldn't get all of the pictures of the heart that we needed. :) Which means that I get to see my Little Love's in two weeks!! How exciting! We were able to SEE his heart, the four chambers AND hear his heart beat (which all looked and sounded normal)... but apparently they have to have a front view too.

It's weird having Eli down so LOW in my tummy...almost like he is head banging on my pelvis! V said that it's completely normal with triplets though - because they run out of room to move!! Which...thinking about it, makes sense. :)

At my last appointment I was told that Baby A & C were boys... and this appointment I was told that Baby C is actually Baby B, and that Baby C is the one that was Baby No Name all along (now isn't that confusing!!).

SO... Baby A (Eli) showed his stuff to us first thing yesterday morning. In fact, it's the first thing that he showed us!! Apparently he is rather proud, and might even be braggin to his brother a little. :) Easton wasn't much more modest that Eli...flaunting his stuff for Miss V. I really felt all along that I was having two boys and a girl, but everyone kept telling me that we are having three boys. I mean, even up to the day... people were telling me it was cute how I thought there was a girl in there, but they were sure that there were three boys. Geez people, never go against a mother's gut feeling!!! As soon as V put the wand on Baby C (Elliana), we knew. There was no denying the butt in our face sporting three lines :) All I could do was laugh (and cry) and tell Clif, "I TOLD you it was a GIRL!" Needless to say, we were both VERY happy and poor Clif was a little shocked, I think.

However... he is happy that our little Elliana is going to have two protective brothers to watch out for her. Clif says that she will never get a date with Eli & Easton near by.

My blood pressure was better than it's been...well, since I've been pregnant. Well... not really better than it's been since I've been pregnant, but better than it has at any other doctor's appointment that I've had thus far. I think it's because it wasn't the first thing that we did! We went with V for our ultrasound (which, I've very impressed... she said it would take at least an hour & a half... it took right at an hour!), and after that was finished we waited like 15 minutes and Miss B came to weigh me (let's add four more pounds to total 26 pounds so far!) and take my blood pressure. I was all smiles (of course, and very relieved because I had just seen my babies in action). I was talking to B as she took my blood pressure, and when I asked how it was.... 130/80. Which is still higher than usual (at home & work anyway)... but everyone was VERY excited about it. Dr G told me that my new blood pressure medicine was to get an "quick scan" every appointment from here on out. I think that he was half kidding at first, but later told me that he would like (if possible) to get me scheduled for a quick ultrasound at every appointment to check heart rates and fluids. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my doctor?

Dr G started measuring for the first time yesterday. :) I was 20w1d, measuring in at 33 weeks. HA! He says that is right on track for triplets. Woo hoo. They were very impressed with my blood pressure, my size, weight gain...and how well I am getting around in general.

He asked me the dreaded question though... "when do you plan to stop working". Well doc... whenever you tell me to. He told me that he wants me to quit in four weeks. AH! Twenty four weeks and on bed rest. Fun stuff. :) Though - in the end, it's all going to be SO worth it. Paid time off will run out 6 1/2 weeks after I go out on leave, and then FMLA will be used up in 11. After that, I can apply for leave of absence which I think I can drag out for 40 days. *sigh* So after all is said and done... I might have to re apply for my job...if it's still there for the taking. But I'm trying to stay positive and not think about those things too much!

So it is looking like that the last full week of May (hopefully that Friday) will be my last day of work for a while. :( But ya know what - whatever is safe for my babies! I know that the Lord is going to provide what we need. Not WANT, but need. :) We will be okay!

A little information on the personal side (maybe TMI?)... I think that I have decided to go on birth control after the babies are born. I haven't decided 100%... but I think it's probably going to be for the best. I talked to my nurse, J, yesterday and she said that there is ONE type of birth control that I can take that is safe during breast feeding. :) I don't remember what it's called but it starts with an "M" (I think). More than likely, I won't have a cycle while breastfeeding anyway... but just in case. And though it doesn't happen TOO often, there is a possibility that I could ovulate before I actually have a period. SCARY! :) Clif is scared that we will have three four months olds and then find out we are pregnant with two more, naturally! haha. And too... with the PCOS that I have, I think that being on something will help me take weight off - because tho induced by medicine, my body will be doing what it needs to do. Once I stop breast feeding, all I have to do is call my doctor - and they will call in regular pills. Which, I have heard there are a few out there that actually HELP with the symptoms of PCOS. :) BUT...we will see. I know that God will not give us more children than we can handle! AND if He wants me to be pregnant with twins after the triplets are born... then birth control isn't going to stop Him!

More updates later. :) Off to an evening of resting at home alone, on the couch...with movies! :) Headed to my bestest friends baby shower tomorrow...can't wait! Oh...AND I am finally going to register (at Target) tomorrow! SO exciting! last thing I forgot to mention :) My cervix? CLAMPED SHUT! Which, this never was an issue in my past fact, it didn't want to budge. BUT it's nice to know that with the weight of three little babies in still is closed tight!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the name. This is so exciting.
Three babies are going to keep you very busy. What a blessing.

That corgi :) said...

I think it is so very wise to listen to your doctor and stop working at 24 weeks. God will provide, I always say (and I might have said it to you) that his word says he knows our needs and will provide, sometimes what we think we need and what he thinks we need are two different things, LOL, but I do believe he will meet every single one of your family's needs!

sounds like a great visit and that is confusing about Baby B being Baby C, etc. I know they have their ways of figuring this out, but it does sound very confusing to me at least :)

I bet it will be fun to register at Target!


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