Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So this week is buzzing by, and it's only Tuesday! :) It's been an "okay" but slightly stressful one. Since November, I try not to get stressed out about things. Especially every day life that cannot be prevented. Like family, friends, and finances.
But then there are those days that I allow myself to go "there" and just get bogged down with the "down in the dumps" feeling.
I'm blessed beyond measure, and I know it. Sometimes I just have to remind myself of it more often than others. I know that in the end, everything will be okay. I'm just a worry wart. And I'm in one of those worrying moods today. For myself, and for some of my family.
Most of it has to do with the economy. With jobs being hard to find, freezes on every one's raises (and I do mean EVERYONE), insurances going up in price...not to mention everything else. It's just right down depressing. And today I just feel like whining about it. :(
I know I've had at least one post like this in the past...so you guys will have to just bare with me. :) I'm sure that I'll wake up tomorrow and everything will be fine.
Speaking of tomorrow, it's the big day. Dr G wants me to take a pregnancy test. If it's negative (which I am pretty sure it is), I will head to the pharmacy and get my prescriptions. *sigh* Back on the Provera to start the cycle, and then 150 mg of Clomid.
We are faithfully praying that God will bless us with another child, and that it will be sooner than later. And that if He sees fit, He may even allow me to become pregnant with this next round of meds.
There is a lady who works within my company that came to our office this morning. :) She just found out that after several years of trying...she is pregnant. She was very cautious with this news, all because of me.
I was touched... it was so sweet of her (not really knowing me, but knowing my situation) to think of me. But it makes me feel horrible. I don't want to take away even the smallest bit of joy from someone that is expecting.
It's an amazing feeling...one that you should enjoy to the fullest. And I felt so bad that she didn't want to hurt me. :) So after my boss came and told me that this person was pregnant, and after the lady had left the office... I sent her an email congratulating her! I truly am happy for her!! So please pray for "C" as she embarks on her first pregnancy. Please pray that it will be a safe, healthy & "uneventful" pregnancy. And the baby is born healthy.
Also, please continue to pray for me as I go into another month of medications. Pray that if it be God's will that He may see fit to allow me to become pregnant this month. And if that's NOT His will, that He may give Clif and I the strength and understanding that we need.
I know that God will bless... and He will bless us in the way that He sees fit. :) I can't tell you how badly that I want to be pregnant again...but I'm waiting. And I'm going to worship,serve and praise Him while I'm doing so.


Anonymous said...

I too am having one of those days. Tomorrow is a new day with new hope :)

Holly said...

I'm glad C is pregnant after years of trying. I pray that you will be next!! I know what you mean about the sooner rather than later!! It can be hard to trust God's timing when it's something you want so badly.

The Blue Sparrow said...

Sending prayers and baby dust your way! *HUGS*

Lori said...

This made me think of that song, "While I'm waiting..."

Praying this is the cycle!!!!!

That corgi :) said...

it is hard not to worry about the economy these days and finances but I'm always comforted that the Bible says God will meet our needs (although what I think is a need may be different than what he thinks is a need, LOL) but it can be stressful for everyone trying to stretch the dollar with everything going up, etc.

you are doing the best thing, worshiping God, praising him, and waiting. His timing is always right, I have to remind that for myself a lot when I wonder when a particular prayer will be answered. keeping you in my prayers


elena said...

I will be keeping C and you in my prayers. Life stresses can definitely get you one day even though we know its not as bad as the worst thing that can happen. On these days I tell people "I've been better, but I've been worse"

love and prayers always

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