Tuesday, November 23, 2010

pins and needles??

So there is something "new" that I am toying with. Not sure if I'll go through with it. But I have the information at my fingertips (thanks for thinking about me Jamie!).


Has anyone tried it before?? I am really interested in it. For fertility reasons, that is. :) I've had a couple of different people tell me about acupuncture for PCOS...well, mainly for ovulation therapy.

So....what do you guys think??? I need major input from my readers. If I do decide to check into it - it'll probably be sometime after Christmas. There is just way too much stuff going on with holidays approaching, work, home life...ect.

As a side note...we received a bill from the hospital (for my surgery). **Drum roll please** The total cost of my surgery was almost $18,000 - before insurance of course. As far as we can tell (we have received two documents, that agree with one another)...our part is only $250!!! How awesome is that?? Now knowing my luck, we'll get a zillion other bills later on. But for now, I'm really excited! Praise the Lord!

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, and so is BLACK FRIDAY! :) Yes. I am one of those nuts that drags myself out of bed at like 3:00 in the morning to go shopping. I have been every year for as long as I can remember. This year I am on a mission to buy a new laptop, my Christmas present from Clif. I'm really excited about it, mainly because my current laptop is almost five years old - and on it's last leg. Actually, I've been waiting for it to just die.

Our week has been busy already. Yesterday was a crazy busy day at work, I actually ended up having to go in like thirty minutes early. I got off around 4:30, headed to get my eye brow's waxed...went to the grocery store, hurried home to cook dinner. Then today I'm getting my hair cut at 5:15, running home to fix dinner for Clif (gets off of work at 6:30). Then after dinner we are putting our new tree together and decorating it. :)
Tomorrow I work all day, he is off. Then I rush home to cook chilli & cornbread for a church gathering. After church we are headed home for me to make food for Thursday (both families) which includes my new tradition of making deviled eggs (a secret recipe, or actually a make-up-as-we-go recipe) with Clif's cousin, Jay. Last year we "bonded" over our deviled egg adventure...and Clif gives us a hard time about it. Poor thing, we wouldn't let him in the kitchen while we worked.

Whew...I have a busy next few days ahead of me, but at least it will keep my mind busy during the holidays. If I don't post again before Thursday, I hope each and every one of you have a WONDERFUL Turkey Day!


Jamie Wilson said...

well, since I am the one that told you, you know my opinion haha! :) I'm glad you are thinking about it!

oh and you are very welcome, sweetie!

AHB said...

I loved acupuncture when I went..I actually think it is more relaxing then a message. I used to have these tiny needles in my ankles that I would massage a couple times a day for ovulation for about 10 days. They were covered by a little piece of tape, and no one ever saw them. I highly recommend it!

Lori said...

I've done it....extremely, extremely relaxing. I have NO DOUBT that it was what turned Matthew from breech...he was breech for 35 weeks and with no intention of changing, as best as the doctors could surmise. My acupuncturist did some treatments specific to that and SERIOUSLY...he turned in major, major ways that night. I couldn't believe it...but am a big believer...not sure how, not sure why, just sure it can make a difference.

Thinking of you!! xoxo

Melissa said...


I was on metformin for PCOS and it was not working and we tried it for 6 months, I then decided to try accupuncture before clomid and no kidding I was pregnant in three weeks. I truly believe it worked for me.


elena said...

I don't know much about acupuncture but if you want to try it I think you should :). Sounds like you are very busy, I like keeping busy, I think it helps me. Made my first apple pie from scratch on Thanksgiving to keep me busy. Hope you enjoyed shopping and your Thanksgiving (as much as you could). *hugs*

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