Monday, November 29, 2010

...the cycle continues.

Well...tomorrow is the day. Cycle day #35 - and time to test. I keep praying that if I'm not pregnant (which I am fairly certain I am not) that my period will start today or tomorrow. Just having my body do what it's supposed to do for once would be a glimpse of hope for me.
If it doesn't start today or tomorrow, and my test comes back negative - I will start round #7 of Provera. That's a little depressing. Seven rounds of medication, and still no baby. I am trying to remain positive... it's just SO hard when things are constantly thrown at me.
So that's my prayer today...that if I am NOT pregnant, my period will start within the next few days. That's what happened when I got pregnant with Lilly. I took two rounds of Provera, and before I could take the third, everything started on it's own. That's when I got pregnant. I was really praying that's what would happen this time.
If thought of, please say a prayer for us as we prepare to face medications again. And potential heart break. It's a vicious cycle, and I can only pray that one day in the near future that the cycle will be broken and that our prayers will be answered.

Much Love!


JenJen said...

Prayers and ((hugs))!

Katie said...

Praying for you! *hugs* I know its tough. :(

Have you been to I recently joined the forums there...its mostly for infertility but there's a forum for loss as many loving christian women in one place.
If you want some company, it's a wonderful community.

Thinking of you.

croleyc69 said...

Praying always and {{BIG HUGS}}


Trennia said...

praying with all my heart!

Anonymous said...

Praying for some good news, one way or the other! :) Love you!

mrslinares said...

Prayers for you, i been on the road of infertility and i know how it feels.

elena said...

Keeping you all in my prayers always.

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