Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hubby's are so cute.

So we got to the hospital yesterday, I checked in...and Clif and I found a seat in the PACKED waiting room. We waited for them to call my name, and I had to go back to the "room" by myself.

Dr S told me on Monday that when I came out of surgery, that he would call and tell Clif how everything went.

I had asked my mom that if she happened to be around when Dr S came to talk to Clif, for her to listen in. :) Dr S said the husbands normally get everything mixed up. ha!

Clif was slightly offended when I told him that I was afraid that he wouldn't remember what the doctor said. :) So I asked him if he even knew what what kind of surgery I was having. Of course he said, you're having an ovarian drilling. I then asked him to explain to my parents what the surgery was supposed to do. He proceeded to tell them that they were going to drill holes in my ovaries so that my eggs would be able to "pop" out. REALLY? I couldn't help but laugh. How cute.

Well... I now know that everyone wasn't lying when they said that this type of surgery was one of the most painful things they've been through. All the floating gas/air in there is killing me. :( Mostly my shoulders and under my ribs on the right side.

I was hoping that the medicine would knock me out, but it actually makes me stay awake.

Clif had to work this morning, and had to get up at five. I thought that I'd be able to get out of bed on my own...but once I started shifting, I had Clif get me out of bed before he left. I couldn't even sit up. My stomach is finally sore... and a little bruised.

So now I'm all bundled up in Clif's recliner...stuck her for the day. I did manage to get up and get my laptop...and I guess I'll venture into the kitchen this afternoon and fix some lunch so that I can take another pain killer. Fun stuff.

My post op appointment is scheduled for Monday at nine o'clock. :) Looking forward to what the doctor has to say. I'm also looking forward to getting back to work next week, for Tuesday & Wednesday...and then off to the beach on Thursday morning! :) Thanks (again) to all who were and are continuing to pray...


Jessica said...

Your hubby's definition was so cute LOL - I'm still praying for you! <3

croleyc69 said...

Very cute. I'm thinking and praying for you.


Betty said...

Hubby's really are simply adorable! Praying for a good recovery!!!!

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