Sunday, December 4, 2011

christmas time

Looking at this constantly reminds me of how ever so thankful I am that there are three extra stockings hanging from our mantle this year.
The past two Christmases were SO sad in that aspect. I fully recognize that Christmas is NOT about gifts, or trees, or decorations... or about how many children you have... but it's just right down depressing when you think of what could have been, and isn't.
This year there will still be sadness... but the sadness will be mixed with a huge dose of happiness.

Here is Lilly's portion of our tree. :) The angel came from a blogger friend of mine, the heart is an ordament that I found last year that says "My daughter, My Joy", and the shell is an ordament that I made last year that says, "Every life leaves something beautiful behind"

And here is the triplets portion of the tree :) Little booties from a family on our church.

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