Monday, December 5, 2011

what do YOU suggest??

Okay Faithful Readers... I need some suggestions!
I don't know how exactly it started, but since Clif and I have been together... I've always made a homemade gift for him for just about every holiday. And since we have been together for almost seven years, you can understand why I am running out of ideas. :)
I always like it to be meaningful... and this year I would like to incorporate the triplets (of course)! But I am completely stumped as to what to do. Any suggestions??
Also...any suggestions on poses for the babies monthly photo shoot with Mommy?? I want to do a Christmas theme, but it will be for their five month pictures! :)


Anonymous said...

What about a ceramic plaque with the babies hands and or footprints??

SO glad I can comment now ;D


mommy4boys said...

How about a layered picture of you and the babies in a shadow box? It doesn't take too much time other than the planning and cutting of the pictures. I am so sure you could find better details on pinterest. Willy made one for me as an anniversary gift a while back and I LOVE it!!

Elaine said...

Desiree, Buy a sweatshirt and screen print the babies pictures and then put a handprint in paint beside the pictures...

Ausmerican Housewife said...

I second the handprint idea.

Do you have Lilly Bean's handprints or footprints? You could scan hers and the triplets and work some magic in photoshop and come up with a neat design to have made into a shirt. Or you could have each set of hand and footprints printed onto heavy cardstock, cut around them and mount to a contrasting color cardstock using some foam sticky dots, then frame it in a shadow box... perhaps with a trinket of each of the 4 babies in the frame as well? Does he have a space at his work where he could put it, or a special place in your home?

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