Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1,2,3 little snot nosed babies.

:( Yep...our three little ones are sick. Well, Clif and I say they are sick. Dr.C still says that they are the picture of health.
Ha! Just little sniffles and stuffy noses... but they've never been this "sick" before. Poor little Eli is pitiful. Not only is my little guy stuffy-nosed (having to suction his nose every 45 minutes to an hour) he has a cough an is slightly hoarse. Not to mention he is teething...hard core. You can now see the tops of both of his little teeth. I must say... absolutely PRECIOUS.
Easton & Elliana are sick too, but thankfully not as bad as Eli. Little Princess is sleeping a ton, and her nasal congestion just continues to get worse. Easton actually seems to be getting over it. Thank God!
Sometimes I find myself wondering what it would be like to have just ONE baby go through one thing or another. :) But, three babies is all that we've ever known. I'm sure that having one sick baby is exhausting... but let me tell you...THREE? They've been sick since 1:00ish Monday morning...and Clif and I are dead on our feet.
I'm sure that Dr.C has to laugh a little after our appointments with him. He must think that we are the most over-reacting parents ever. Thankfully he is a very kind doctor, and just smiles. :)
Our babies are five months old. They have been home for four months. I bet we have called Dr.C's office at least twenty five times, not to mention a dozen calls to the on call doctor during non business hours.
Calls to the doctor/on call dr have included:
-our babies haven't pooped in almost 24 hours! (Go ahead, you can laugh. We have now learned that it takes a LOT longer than that to get a dr concerned...little Elliana is an every 3-dayer.)
-I used hand sanitizer and then 5 minutes later, Elliana sucked on my finger. Will she get alcohol poisoning? This also resulted in a phone call to poison control.
-Eli has vien looking indention's on the sides of his head. Is he okay??
-{Enter baby name here}'s temperature is 99.0...should we bring him/her in?
Those instances don't even begin to touch it. Clif and I have to look back and laugh at ourselves for some of the calls we have made in these last months.
All in all, our babies could not be more blessed. Dr.C continuously tells us that our babies are the picture of perfection. :) So far, at 5 months old (and going through flu/cold/RSV season)... Eli has had a very minor ear infection, and all three have had MINOR cold. And now this litte sniffly business. Considering that they were 9 weeks early...Clif and I couldn't be more pleased with how well they have done. And continue to do.
Those we don't mind, these last few months have come with a lot of HOME time. Unfortunately, the babies won't be leaving the house (other than doctor's appointments) until spring time. I know that many people may see this as extreme... but Clif and I believe with our whole hearts that this is what is best for Eli, Easton & Elliana.
We've offended many people along the way...and we feel horrible for doing so. BUT our main concern is the health of our children.
Along with keeping the babies at home until Spring, comes missing church. A lot. Clif works every other Sunday. The Sunday's that he works... I stay home with babies... and am not able to attend services. On his Sunday's off... we have decided that each of us will attend a service. It's stressful. First of all, we don't like missing church period. But then, we really don't like going to church without the other. >.< It's been such a long time since Clif and I were able to worship together.
Needless to say...we are really looking forward to Spring, RSV season being over, and being able to have our entire family in church - where we feel that we belong!
I hope and pray that each of you had a blessed Christmas surrounded with family, and all those that you love!


Caroline said...

Praying that everyone is all better soon. I can understand keeping them in & you know they are your children. I have upset some people but you know it's only your children your looking out for.

Take care

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