Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Mrs.L.

This morning I got word that a lady I've known my entire life, and is very dear to my heart... passed away this morning.
I was shocked when I got the phone call. I knew that she had been having some health problems, and that she had moved in with her daughter a few months back - but, to my knowledge,no one was expecting this. At least not now.
She was probably one of the strongest women I knew. She battled so many illnesses (including cancer, if I'm not mistaking)... she lost her husband YEARS ago...she was just an all around AMAZING woman.
She will be missed by so many. But I can't help but think about what a wonderful Christmas this year, in Heaven...spending it with her Saviour. Not to mention her hubby that she's lived without for so long.
Merry Christmas, Mrs L. We love you.


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