Saturday, December 10, 2011


The date has been set.

January 28th,2012.

This is the day that we (Clif and I) plan to leave the babies for the very first time. Yikes!

I know that sounds silly... but, we have never (both, at the same time) left them (other than in the NICU). I'm nervous...already. Ha! And it's over a month away. will be just a few days before my 24th birthday, and I Clif and I really want to celebrate together. Just the two of us.

SO...the plan is to leave the triplets with my mom, his mom, and our soon to be sister in law (that doesn't know about it yet...)

AH! The funny thing is, we are literally going 20 minutes away to a Japanese restaurant an probably will only be gone for two hours tops. But that's a start...I mean, our babies are going to be six months old by then...and I think it's time. :)

Okay, can stop laughing at me now. But, if you know Clif and me on a real life know how we are, how we have been, with these babies. This is HUGE for us!

Though I don't even want to think about leaving our babies... I am really looking forward to time out with my husband...even if it is just for a few hours. Yes, I'm a mommy now...BUT...I'm still young, still {kinda?} newly weds...and we just need a little bit of "us time".


That corgi :) said...

Good for you for going! You need to do it; the first time will be the hardest but it will get easier. You and Clif definitely need that "us" time. So go fot it!


Shan said...

Oh, Mama... I was reading this and feeling tense for you right up to the Japanese restaurant. I might have giggled a little, but it was with my hand on my heart and complete understanding in it.

Caroline said...

Yay for some Us time. I can relate even though my children are different ages its still hard for us to fine some time just Us. Thinking of you. <3

Hannah Rose said...

lol, you guys are cute

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