Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what doesn't kill you...

...will make you sleepier?

:) Though it sounds like it, I'm really not complaining. God has blessed me us with so much... and I know He won't give me anything more than I can handle. BUT...three babies might be a little more than I had anticipated.

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be as tired as I am... I would have just laughed. Wouldn't have believed them for a second. Now...oh my gosh. I have never been so completely exhausted in my whole entire life.

Clif and I (and my mom that has been "living" with us since Easton came home) have a pretty good fair system going at the moment. We all stay up until after the 11pm/12am feeding - and then go to bed. If one or more babies will not go to sleep, Clif takes them to the living room and stays up with them until the 2-3am feeding. For the most part, Clif handles this feeding on his own. The only time Mom or I get up is if more than one baby is screaming. I can't tell you how awesome it is that Clif takes care of that feeding... I struggle (really bad) with getting up at 2am. So after that feeding, Clif will go to sleep and I get up for the next feeding around 5-6am. Some mornings I'll go back to sleep for a while after this feeding, sometimes I don't. Just depends on how well I rested the night before - and if the babies decide to go to sleep. My mom has been helping with the 5-6am & 8-9am feedings, because Clif is generally sleeping until at least 10.

The bad part? This will all change as of October 10th. >.< That's when Clif goes back to work. And that's when things are going to get real "hairy". On top of us having to get used to the idea of him going back to work, he will be going back to work... on night shift :( For the first two weeks. Of course, I guess it doesn't really matter... because even when he is on day shift, he really won't be able to help much during the night because he has to be up at 5am for a 12 hour shift.

So...prayers would be appreciated! I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep my Mom at my house. Which, really... I need to learn to do this on my own. It will be hard, and I might {feel like I'm going to} die... but I know that I can do it.

Life will be SO much a little easier when the triplets start sleeping for longer periods of time. Right now, on average - they sleep for three hours. Sometimes (like this morning), they will sleep for four hours. God bless them.

I have another prayer request, and I know that it will sound completely selfish. Clif and I were talking about him going back to work...and looking at the calendar... and it looks like (unless his boss will consider giving him the day off) he will be working on November 13th... and the 17th. The 17th isn't as big of a deal as the 13th... but it's still overwhelming to think that I will be home, by myself with three babies on these days.

For those of you that don't know, November 13th will be the two year anniversary of our first born daughter's (Lillian Joy) death. The 17th? The two year anniversary of her funeral. I'm starting to pray now that Clif's boss will have compassion and let him have at least the 13th off.

I have not been looking forward to November for a while now... especially since the triplets were born. Mainly because of doctors appointments. I'm sure the receptionists think I'm a fruit loop when they give me a date in November and I have to check the calendar to make sure that I won't flake out while in the office.

So far, our appointments for November aren't the greatest of dates. I take Elliana to the cardiologist for her follow up on November 9th... my due date with Lilly. THEN, the kid's four month check up (and second round of shots) is scheduled for November 17th. about a challenge.

Well...that's all the writing for now :) My Lil' Peanut (Elliana) is awake and fussy (imagine that). Looks like it's time to start bottles!!!


Betty said...

Not selfish at all. That would be hard and I will send prayers your way. I'm so glad you have had help...what a transition this will be! I dont know how you do it...I had a hard time taking care of ONE newborn. I can even imagine 3!

Jennifer said...

Hey I just wanted to share with you what the mother of triplets here did. She contacted a local sorority (hopefull you have a college nearby). Sororities have projects that they do every semester. One soro. took on her family as their project. They made a list and when it was their turn to work, they came in and fed babies, did a load of laundry, held babies, etc...Two or three girls at a time would be sceduled and this schedule was a 24 hour thing for an entire semester. She told my friend that had these girls not come in and done this, they never would have survived. You should check into it.

Brittney said...

I don't know if you've looked into Moms on Call, but it seems to be all the rage with developing good sleep habits for babies - including multiples! I can't even imaginw how tired you are!

That corgi :) said...

Will pray for you; honestly, you really do need some help at least until the wee ones are sleeping through most of the night; I can see why you all would be tired; it is tiring with one young one, I can't imagine three of them, especially if they all want to be fed at the same time, or fussy, etc. I know I mentioned this before, but one of the churches I went to, one of the ladies had quadruplets (before my time I was going there). But she basically pleaded with the church to help her/hubby with what they needed for care and they set up volunteers to come and help out weekly. One lady I knew through the nursery was the 3 to 5 o'clock person on Wednesdays for a year (I can't remember if that was the exact time but it was a block period of time). She would help with whatever needed to be done. Maybe something similar could be set up through your church? Honestly, if I was there and it was presented, I would offer to take a shift along the way.

again, will pray for you guys!


Caroline said...

Saying many prayers for you both.

Allyson Shockley said...

Praying for you sweetie! Keep your head up! I wish I lived closer because I would be over there helping you every chance I got! :)

~W~ said...

Not selfish!!! Truly blessed and glad that everything is going as well as it should be.

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