Monday, September 19, 2011

going down?

My weight that is :) As of today, I am down 40 pounds since I gave birth to our triplets. It's been a struggle too!! I think it was harder than it could have been, due to the fact that Clif and I were eating out 2+ meals a day while the babies were still in the hospital. I remember how easy (and quickly) weight came off after having Lilly. BUT, thinking back... most of my weight gain with her was fluid. I was SOOOO swollen. :) And I think that a lot of my weight gain with the triplets was actual weight! Just twelve more pounds and I will be back to my pre pregnancy {though, still very over} weight.
I joined weight watchers a week ago today. I'm doing the plus points plan. Basically, it's a fancy way of counting calories. So far, so good. :) It's working! I went to weigh in this evening and I am down 3.2 pounds since last Monday! Yay!
In honor of my new "life change", and losing weight... Clif ordered me an elliptical machine! Okay okay, Clif gave me his debit card and told me to order the one that I wanted. But still! It should hopefully be here by next week. I am SOOO looking forward to it. I had told Clif a few weeks ago that if I could just walk to our mailbox (a LONG way with a very steep driveway!) once a day - it would be great. Since saying that, I have discovered that actually getting to do that... not happening. By the time I would get the babies down to sleep...get dressed...go, and come back...the kids would already be awake and screaming! This way, I can break it (my workout) into smaller times throughout the day - and I can even exercise while the babies are awake and being entertained by swings & bouncers. Who knows... it might amuse them! Anyway, I can't wait!
I've been really concerned about weight loss, due to my PCOS. Poly cystic ovarian syndrome has caused me nothing but trouble in the past...and I am praying that I kick it where it hurts this time! Aside from having to fight the PCOS, I'm fighting weight gain from birth control. Fun stuff! Dr.G put me on the first months pills, and they were safe with breast feeding. But now that I am finished with that, he switched me again. Oh the joys. I told Dr.G that we definitely did NOT want to chance me getting pregnant again... and knowing my body, as soon as we're NOT trying to prevent... I'll get pregnant. :) I hate birth control, and I hate the way that it {generally} makes me feel.... BUT you gotta do what you gotta do. :) As much as I love my babies...I am definitely not in the market to add a fourth one to our home!
Clif and I opted not to get my tubes tied while Dr.G had me open...mainly because of me being only 23 (almost 24!!!), but also because I said that you never know when we might want another.'s looking like no. :) We plan to call it quits with two pregnancies, four children, and three on earth. Whew... these kids wear me out! I seriously DREAM of the day when we can sleep through the night!
On a more serious note... I have a major prayer request. A young mommy that Clif knows through work lost her baby girl on Saturday. She was 37+ weeks pregnant... was found unconscious, and when taken to the hospital... the baby had already passed. The last we heard was that the doctors don't know what happened. The young mommy was/is in ICU, and we are told she was in a coma. She has since "come to"... but I don't know any other details. Please pray for this young lady, that God may wrap his arms around her. At times like these, I find myself saying... "I can't imagine". But I can. :-/


Trennia said...

Praying for the women who loss her little one, and for her health.
(((HUGS))) to you...sleep will return in 18 years...what am I it won't!
As momma's we are always tired,restless...but it's all so worth it.
By the time I was 23 I had three step kids, adopted my nephew (he was a teenager) and had 4 daughters and loss twins due to TTT's....(((hugs)))

Tara said...

Hey Des, I just wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss! You and Cliff look amazing in your pic and I love the new look of your blog.

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