Friday, September 9, 2011

Elliana's Heart...again...and again.

Okay...I'm a few days late, but I just wanted to update on Elliana's heart murmur (PDA).
I took her to the cardiologist on Monday afternoon - and we were told after an echo that the PDA is still very much there. She still is getting along very well, despite the PDA - so they are not too concerned.
Dr.W said that it was a small PDA, and that there is still a possibility that it may close. We have a follow up in two months to check it again. The doctor said that if it's going to close, it should be closed by the next time we see him.
Something that they were semi-concerned about was that Ellliana's "left heart" is slightly enlarged. Dr.W said that it could be that the PDA is beginning to close, and that he heart has not had time to shrink back to it's normal size. The reason he was so surprised over the enlargement was because her PDA is so small...normally you see something like that with larger PDA's.
Like I said, we take her back in two months and we will go from there. We were told that if her heart remains enlarged, there is a procedure that can be done (at UVA) to close the PDA.


Trennia said...

keeping her and the little guys in my prayers.

Caroline said...

Keeping everyone in my prayers & especially Elliana.

Baby On The Brain said...

praying for quick and fast healing for you baby girl.

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