Wednesday, September 14, 2011

due date.

Today was my due date with the triplets :) Though, after finding out we were having multiples, I knew that I'd never make it to this day. BUT...this is the day that I gave when people asked, "when are you due?"
I cannot believe it's been 9+ months since Clif and I found out that we were expecting... can't believe it's been 8+ since we found out we were having twins, then triplets! :)
This has been such an that I've loved every minute of. Not to say that there haven't been scary times that I wish we didn't have to go through, but all in all... I wouldn't change anything when it comes to our triplet experiences!
Clif and I were talking this morning, and I can't even begin to wrap my mind around still having these three babies inside my womb. We're talking close to 22 pounds of baby! Now that's an uncomfortable thought... giving birth to DOUBLE the weight that I gave birth to two months ago.
Speaking of, our babies are going to be TWO months old tomorrow!! I can't believe it. They have come SOOOOOO far. And I still can't say enough, just how incredibly blessed we are!
We've had a busy week... and I feel like I haven't been able to sit down and *really* blog for ages. :) It'll get better...right? If not... don't tell me!
On Monday morning we all went out for our first family outing! Granted, it only lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes... but it was still a big step for us. AND...Mommy and Daddy were starting to go a little crazy I think, staying at home... and not being able to leave the house together. Only a few more weeks, and we won't have to worry about that anymore!
Anyway, back to Monday. What was our family outing, you ask? We took the triplets to meet Dr.G for the first (really, second) time. :) Below is a picture of him with the babies.
Though it wasn't for long, we really enjoyed our visit with him. Can't wait to take them back when they are older :)
Now, something quick that doesn't really have to do with the babies... though it has everything to do with the babies.
Clif applied for a job (within the same place he works now) a few weeks back. Last week, he was called for an interview. Please pray with us that if it be the Lord's will... that he may get this job. It would be a 7-4, Monday-Friday, and all Holidays off position. Which would be a HUGE blessing with three babies at home, and his current position requiring two weeks of NIGHT shift per month >.< I know that God will provide, and everything will happen in His timing. :) Please pray with us that He may make this possible for our family.


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