Sunday, September 25, 2011

two months...ten days late :)

And there they are! :) I feel kinda bad because I don't know for sure if I took an actual picture on the "two month birthday". But this one was definitely taken just a few days before when they went and met Dr.G for the second time!!
Their two month appointment went wonderful!! Clif and I (and Dr.C, the kid's pediatrician) couldn't be more pleased with how well they are doing!! Dr.C told us that if there were a picture of what a preemie's growth should look like at two months, it would be a picture of our triplets. ;) I think he likes them! He definitely loves babies... you can really tell that he enjoys his job!
I guess it's kind of hard for the doctor to give us numbers like he would give most parents. Like, your kids is in the ___% for this, that ect. He told us that it will more than likely take about a year for them to catch up to where they would be had they stayed in my belly until September 14th!
Again...feel like a bad mommy... but I don't have lengths, and head measurements ect... but I do have their weights!

On July 15th, 2011....

Eli weighed 4lb.06oz

Easton weighed 3lb13oz

Elliana weighed 2lb15oz

On September 20th, 2011...

Eli weighed 8lb1oz

Easton weighed 8lb8oz

Elliana weighed 6lb2oz

They have all more than doubled their birth weights, and we couldn't be more pleased at how well they are doing!
As of today we have two sick least we think they are. Just a cold or something, they are headed to the doctor first thing in the morning... and we also have THREE teething babies. OH my. :)
I also took Elliana to the eye doctor this past Thursday, and though she is still considered stage 1 - there has been no change since the last time we saw Dr.F (three weeks ago) and do not have to see him again for six months... unless we think that she is not seeing as she should! Praise the Lord!!!


Trennia said...

Love your new look and header!

Joyce Kay said...

BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!! You are one very blessed momma. Like the receiving blankets rolled up to help keep their little heads up and I know that I'm not the only one who has done that. Enjoy them because they grow way too I'm sure you are learning...look they have doubled their weight in 2 months.

Allyson Shockley said...

That's so awesome Des! I'm so happy they are doing so well, they're gorgeous! :)

Betty said...

I LOVE the new look! She did a wonderful job on it! Those little ones are growing so fast! They are beautiful.

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