Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sixteen weeks, sixteen pounds...and three healthy babies!

I have to say that these last few weeks I have been a lot less anxious about my pregnancy. :) It's been great... and I have actually begun to enjoy my pregnancy with our precious triplets!
Going into my doctors appointment today - I tried to remain calm. Tried being the main word in that sentence. We took my blood pressure before going in...and of course, it was elevated. But still... I wasn't stressing over it.
I got called back for weight (gained four pounds!!), blood pressure & urine specimen (which if that had come any later I probably would have created a small flood in the waiting room!). When the lady took my bp, she didn't say I assumed that it was high. I asked if it was elevated...and she was like, a little but it's actually not bad. :) Everyone in that office probably could see my grin. The top number was a little elevated... but considering what it's been the last two visits or so - it was great. Even Dr G & my nurse were impressed with the numbers.
Next came my office visit with Dr G. Can I just stop here and say that I love LoVe LOVE my doctor. :) He is seriously awesome. Anyways, Dr G came in...looked at my charts - said that he was pleased with my weight gain (16 pounds so far)...then we got to listen to babies!! We heard Baby C's heart beat pretty quickly, beating at 147-150bpm. He was searching for Baby B's heart when I told him that I had felt Baby A swimming around this past weekend. He looked at me - kinda like he didn't really believe that I had felt the babies moving this early. I pointed to where I had felt the baby move over the weekend - and as soon as he put the doppler to my finger...BOOM. Or should I say beat (around 160bpm that is!). :) I wanted to say, "told you so". Instead I just smiled. As did Dr G - saying, "Hm...I guess you did know where baby was!". Once again my heart beat is SO loud in my stomach - it's hard to pick up the babies. Baby B's heart beat was intertwined with mine. So I had Dr G check them all again. He then picked up Baby B loud and clear, ringing in at about 144bpm.
We were all very pleased at hearing all the babies heart beats - especially since we had such a scare two weeks ago. :) I love having a doctor who you can look at and just TELL that he enjoys his job - and who gets joy out of reassuring us that our babies are doing well. When he finds a heart beat - I think he enjoys it just as much as we do. Seriously...he just grins when he hears the heart's. *sigh*
Dr G says that everything looks good - and that I am at the "calm" stage of my pregnancy. He said that my blood pressure should start going down for the second trimester (which it has), that I'm not really at risk for pre-term labor, and that there isn't much risk of miscarriage either. :) All in all, he really put my mind at ease.
Unfortunately, we do not get to see Baby Genitals for another FOUR weeks. Can you see me pouting from here? I was really pulling for two weeks - but Dr G is a firm believer in 20 weeks. That's when we had our ultrasound with Lilly. BUT the way I see it - at least if we wait a whole month...they will be more developed, and we'll have a better chance at getting a peek.
However... I do have another appointment in two weeks. But Dr G isn't going to be in the office - so I am seeing a nurse practitioner, T. :) We saw her once during my last pregnancy, and I really really liked her!! In fact, I might have actually considered seeing her as my primary provider - BUT - she doesn't deliver. BUT she has an ultrasound machine in her exam room. :) And let me just tell you that this lady LOVES to look at babies. So I am fairly certain that when she finds out that there are THREE babies in there, she is going to want to play. So here's to hoping that the Smith Babies want to show their junk! :) At least let Mommy & Daddy catch a glance!!! We shall see.
God is so good...and Clif and I are both SOOOO thankful for the wonderful report today. We are just that much closer to meeting our little ones face to face.
OH...Dr G told me today that they would be monitoring the growth of the babies, and that as long as everything goes well - he will let me go between 36-38 weeks. However, he thinks I probably will go sooner than that. He also told me that I have approximately eight more weeks left of work before he takes me out. Which, it freaks me out a little... but I'm expecting it. So that's okay. :)
Well...American Idol is recording on the DVR - waiting to be watched. Yes... I admit... I'm an American Idol fan. :) So loving Casey & James!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is wonderful news. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
You are going to be soooo busy!

That corgi :) said...

I am so thankful you are less anxious and are enjoying your pregnancy; LOL, that was one of my prayer requests when I pray for you all so thank you Lord!!

wonderful news too with your appointment! So glad everything is going well!!! I would imagine too only working for eight more weeks is going to be a relief; will give you a chance to rest, get some things done, rest, etc since like Debby said, you will be soooo busy (but so blessed) when the little ones come :)


Jessica said...

awesome news! So very happy for you!

Caroline said...

So wonderful & Awesome & amazing and all that. So happy for you & Clif. Keeping you in my prayers !! All of you.

Betty said...

SOrry I havent been commenting, but I HAVE been reading. Just a little busy with our own new bundle...Anyway, SO VERY HAPPY to hear that all is going so well! It makes me smile to read each of your posts!

Holly said...

I am so happy to hear all is going greats it really helps to have such a great team taking care of you.

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