Thursday, March 3, 2011

short & sweet

I am exhausted and it's been a very hectic last few days with work and such :) But I wanted to update and say that my appointment with Dr G went very well yesterday.
He didn't change my blood pressure medication - he was pretty well satisfied with how it had been running. :) Except yesterday. *laugh* Of course, I have "white coat syndrome" when it comes to any type of doctor. So my bp was up a little when we finally were called back. They sent me to the exam room and had me lie on my left side - and literally two minutes later, Dr G came in and took it again. It was perfect. He told me to go ahead and roll over on my back so we could "take a listen" to the babies. When I rolled over - Dr G was like,'ve gotten a lot bigger since I saw you last. I just felt like saying - oh thanks!
It was semi difficult to pick up the heart beats, number one because I'm only twelve weeks - and there are three of them in there. And secondly - when he stuck the doppler to my tummy, MY heart beat was super loud. :) We heard Baby B & C pretty good, and A was a little harder to hear because s/he likes to hide down by my pubic bone. I heard a very faint something, and Dr G was very confident that it was the third heart beat. He says that everything looks good... and he wants to see me again in two weeks.
Crazy thing... he showed me where my "fundus" is (the top of the uterus) is. At twelve weeks - it's normally about an inch or two above the pubic bone. MINE is about an inch and a half below my BELLY BUTTON. Really? ha!
Clif and I are so grateful - and praising God for yet another good report. We are so blessed to be given three precious babies.


Trennia said...

Awesome news!

TanaLee Davis said...

Thank you for the update! Its so nice to hear the good news.

Betty said...

I'm so glad things are still going well! I didnt realize you got so big so fast with multiples. Makes sense, obviously, I just never thought of it. Hang in there!

That corgi :) said...

sounds like a good visit with the doctor; glad to hear your blood pressure is staying where it should be. It is interesting how all can discern between Baby A, B, C and figure out where they are at and hear their heart beats; hoping you get a chance to rest this weekend!


Allyson Shockley said...

So glad things are going so well sweetie! <3

Caroline said...

Thanx for the update & keeping all of you in my prayers.

Holly said...

So glad for the good appt

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