Sunday, March 13, 2011


:) Not much change in belly size since last week - or at least, I can't really tell. Please continue to pray for the growth of our little ones & the health of Mommy (aka me!). Ligament pains are better most days, and then other days they are twice as bad. Learned that my friend having the twins is experiencing the same pains - so at least I know I'm not alone, and going completely crazy!
Clif and I have our next appointment with Dr G on this coming up Thursday - I plan on discussing the flu shot & a high risk doctor, if necessary.
Well...that's all I've got this morning. We're off to church! God bless...


That corgi :) said...

looking great! always in my prayers, good idea to ask the doctor about the flu shot and high risk doctor; I do think that Dr. G is a very wise man and I am sure he will make the best choices and recommendations for you and the health of those precious babies of yours!


Raquel said...

We will be praying that your appointment goes well Thursday!!!

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