Sunday, March 6, 2011

name that baby!

So it's 9:02pm...and I'm eating Wendy's Chili. Not very smart - huh? I actually already had heartburn from the Baked Spaghetti that my mom cooked for lunch.Oh well... what's done is done - if I puke, I puke. :)
The morning started off pretty good today... slept in with my hubby (he had to work last night and didn't get home until about 7:00 this morning!). Got up, ate some breakfast (1/2 bagel & strawberries...YUM) and then got ready and headed out to church.
After church I headed to Mom's house for lunch. When I got there I checked my blood pressure, and it was slightly elevated (though - thinking about it, I HAD just walked up their stairs). Anyway... I got it to come down with just sitting, but it was still higher than I like. So after I finished up there, I headed home to crawl back into bed with Clif and take a nap. :) An hour and a half did me good... and I got up feeling somewhat refreshed. My blood pressure has been pretty good since, mainly because I have been laying around on the couch.
I know I'm probably starting to sound paranoid...and people probably think I'm ridiculous for checking my blood pressure every two seconds... BUT...I think that I have reason. And I think that I am going to have to accept that my bp isn't going to stay 120/75 like I want it to :) Because I have a LOT going on inside me. Three babies is bound to get the bp up a little, right?
Well...with only six weeks or so before finding out what our little Skittles are, we have started to throw around some baby names! It's been fun... and we've settled completely on three girl names - which I will not disclose at this time. Ha! But we've only come of with TWO boy names, one of which I'm not really sold on.
All the names that we have chosen so far start with an "E"... anyone have any suggestions for boy names starting with "E"?
We have also decided on nursery colors, no matter the sex of the babies. :) We will be using a pale green (the same color that we originally painted Lilly's room) and brown. This way if we have girls we can incorporate pink, and if we have boys we can incorporate blue. I figure it's a win win...and that way we can go ahead and get started on things NOW while I am still mostly mobile.
OH! Something cool that happened...Clif recently ran into a nurse from RMH (the hospital where Lilly was born) and recognized her as one of the very few nurses that were kind to me on the floor they moved me to after my c-section. He said that she had taken care of me while recovering from a csection, and she argued saying that I would have recovered on the Labor & Delivery floor (which she does not work on). Clif explained to her that our daughter had been born still, and that the doctors had moved me of the L&D floor. She asked my name, and when Clif told her "Desiree"...she immediately remembered me. And our story. AND she even told Clif the room number that I was in during my stay on her floor. Weird? Anyways...she was really excited as Clif told her that we are expecting triplets in September. :) She went on sharing the news with other nurses...and I'm sure that word leaked to the Maternity Ward.
SO many people have made it known that they are thinking of, and more importantly, PRAYING for us and the babies. And I cannot even begin to tell you how much this means to Clif and I.
Currently I am at peace. I know that whatever comes - God is in control of it all :) I believe that His intent is to bless us...more than we have been already. Oh, are we blessed. And though I am a bit worried about my bp, and the whole idea of carrying three babies...I know that in the end, everything will work out as it should. My God is watching over me. He has plans for my life... and those plans do not include harm towards me.
God is so good...we are blessed...

                                                            ....and I'm sleepy :) Goodnight!


Becca said...

Ethan, Emmett,Elijah, Ezra

Trennia said...

I like the name Eli for a boy.

Brittany said...

Ellison, Everett

That corgi :) said...

Evan, Emanuel

just keep trusting in God; he does know what is best!!


Desiree said...

Evan, Eric, Emory

Ausmerican Housewife said...

Evan is always a good boy's name. ;)
So is Ewan (think You-ann), Ethan (my baby brother's name), Eli, Elijah...

bnpatgentry said...

Emmery/Emery, Eli, and Elvis...ok the last one is a jk but I do like Ethan also said!!

TanaLee Davis said...

Its awesome that you are figuring out the details for your skittles. lol
I love the room colors...very convenient.

Anonymous said...

Eric, Elliot, Edward

Lindsey said...

So glad you're doing well.

Evan, Ezekial, Elliot.... those are the only boy E names I can think of... :-/

Mrs*Popcorn said...

Elisha (Hebrew meaning God is my salvation :) )


Ean or Eean - said like Ian....I'm not sure how you feel about changing the spelling on names (we LOVE doing it, lol, we were going to use this name if we had a boy this go 'round)

I'm excited to find out what you're having !! OoO :) Continuing to pray for you all!!

Holly said...

I love coming up with baby names!

Hmmm E names.... Ethan, Evan, Elijah, Elliot, Ewan, Ezekiel, Eric, Ellis, Evander, Elston, Edwin, Easton

Anonymous said...

My little 2 year old is Ezra and I love it! My husband suggested it and I was like hmmmm....then a few days later I came across a verse I had written "So we fasted and entreated our God for this and he answered our prayer." EZRA 8:23
See, we had been through a total of 5 miscarriages...this was confirmation our baby was to be named Ezra :)

Sarah said...

I love the name Evan - it means God is gracious, that is the name of one of my sweet angel babies (I like it for a boy, but I know one girl with the name too)

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