Saturday, March 10, 2012

I {think I} will survive. far, I have. :) Survived my first week back to work, that is.

It was long...and emotional...and just down right HARD to be away from my babies. BUT... the Lord is good, and has provided wonderful people to talk care of the kids. My mom, and of course... Clif! I am SO proud of how Clif stepped up this week and helped out SOOOO much. Until Wednesday he had never had an entire day where he was responsible for EVERYTHING that had to do with the babies! BUT...he did it, AND had dinner started. :) Love my husband.

Please continue to pray that God would open a door for Clif, job wise. He's been hitting the pavement ALL week long, and had a few leads... but nothing huge. We are continuing to trust that there is something SO much better out there!

Well, I'm off of here to go spend some time with my Love's. :) I think my first week of work calls for lunch & shopping (grocery that is) Ha!

Be blessed.


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