Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green means GO!

And they're off...!!!

My {not so little} babies are growing...way too fast for my liking,. They are all on the verge of crawling... all three can get into the crawling position and rock back and forth. Eli has actually crawled a few inches. All three can sit up for a good while...and....
                                                    Eli got himself from the laying down position to the sitting up position...
all by himself.

Boo. :) I am thrilled that our children are developing {almost} right on "schedule" compared to what a full term baby would. But I am definitely not liking the fact that they aren't tiny little five pounds babies that need me to do EVERY LITTLE THING for them anymore. I don't think I'm ready for this. Ha!

I finished up my second week of work as of yesterday. :) The second week was most definitely better than the first. I managed to keep the tears at bay, for the most part. I also felt a little more confident doing what I do, so that helped too!

Being back at work doesn't change still proves to be insanely busy, all the time. Monday started with running late leaving work, going to the funeral home for visitation of a sweet little lady that passed away.
The rush rush rush to grab dinner and zoom home in time to help Clif finish feeding the babies dinner. Whew.

And that's pretty much how every single day went this week, minus the funeral home thing.

I did manage to try a new, REALLY GOOD crock pot recipe. Compliments of, aka: my new obsession.

Here it is: Shredded Chicken Tacos. Boneless chicken breast, jar of salsa...package of chicken taco mix. DONE. Throw it in the crock pot, high for four hours. YUM-O! Oh my goodness. We put it on warm tortillas with cheese (fat free!) and low fat sour cream. Accompanied by my Chipotle Copy Cat Guacamole & baked tortilla chips. Cheap, easy and sooooooo good :) Perfect for the working Mommy.

Ugh, I forgot to mention that we had our first accident involving a baby this week. Monday...midst the craziness of every day life, Eli...fell off our kitchen table. Yes yes, we're horrible parents. lol At least that's how Clif felt. He was the one home with them when it happened. He was strapped into a bouncer chair type thing, and...BOOM...leaned forward...and fell off. Thank GOD there was a chair that caught him. He had an instant goose egg, but was fine...and yes, we called the doctor. Three times I think. :)

Today is St.Pattys day. Daddy is still in bed, babies are in the floor fighting sleep. After lunch time bottles, we are headed out for the day. Lunch for Mommy & Daddy, and then shopping for the whole family. :) I am loving this warm weather, and that RSV season is coming to a close.


Trennia said...

sounds like fun age! they grow quick!

Alissa said...

I have no idea how you have time to write, but I am so glad that you do. I love the updates. Your babies (all of them) are amazing.

covnitkepr1 said...

I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

Trennia said...

I tagged you in 11 Random Things About Me on my blog, if you want to play along.

Trennia said...

I tagged you in 11 Random Things About Me on my blog, if you want to play along.

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