Saturday, March 3, 2012


:) I'm excited. About several things.

First, I'm really excited about our family date today! With RSV season coming to a close, we are celebrating by having a little outing... just the five of us! I was able to find a lady on FB with a double stroller for sale, and my Dad and I met her last night to pick it up! Now we can take the kids out, Boys in the double...Elliana in her single, and not have to stop every five steps because we have a massive triple stroller. If you have multiples, you know what I mean. I love that people want to look at my kids, but I can't get anything accomplished when I have to stop for every single person to look and ask, "oh, triplets?"

Second... I have been attending weight watchers since mid September. I'm hit or miss to the meetings because of babies, and soon to be work....but...I stick to the ww plan regardless. It's been a long road... but the end is in sight!! I'm sooooooo excited. As of this morning, I have lost 44 pounds with weight watchers, and a total of 80 pounds since having the babies! I actually feel good on the INSIDE for once, and it's a GREAT feeling. I have given up sodas, #1 because they are horrible, #2 because I think it will help with my weight loss. :) I ordered Clif and I some new jeans (did I mention that Clif has been on Weight Watchers since the week before Christmas, and has lost like 25 pounds? AND almost two pant sizes?) from American Eagle last weekend, because they were having a great sale! I ordered both of our jeans a size smaller than we normally wear...I told him they were our "dream jeans". They arrived...and we BOTH are wearing our new jeans out today!!

Third...I'm to the point where I am ready to work out. Like, I WANT to work out. I am comfortable with my weight (though, I still have 16 pounds to go before I meet my goal)...and I really want to tone everything up! Sooooo I am working on that now. :) This might be TMI, but since I'm going back to work on Monday, I'm going to search out a tanning salon and try to tan (just a few sessions) on my lunch break, in hopes that it will help hide some little stretch marks brought on by two pregnancies. HA! I am HOPING that this will do the trick on my inner thighs... I know, TMI and gross... but oh well. If it doesn't do the trick, I am going to be talking to a dermatologist (I think they are the ones that do it) about laser removal. I know, that sounds crazy. But...I am serious. ANNNNNND...IF I can get the results that I want from either one of those options (plus tone tone tone up!)... I am THINKING about getting a VERY meaningful tat. I have it all in my head and I am at the about to bust, squeal, and jump up and down point. :) I grew up around this guy that works in a shop a few hours away from where we live. He has done two tats for Clif, one on his back in memory of Lillian Joy, and then a cover up. He does AWESOME work. Soooo...I am thinking about calling him in about a month or so and getting him to go ahead and draw it up for me. I have always always always wanted Andy to tattoo me... and with every single one I have gotten, I still haven't managed to get him! :) I wanted him to do my Lily tat, but he was booked solid (which he normally is), so his friend did it for me. This time, I'm not letting anyone do it but Andy. And I am SOO excited. Even though I haven't totally decided to get it done.

WHOA...too much caffeine in my tea?? I am all hyped up. Better jump off of here and put this energy to use! A family day date involves a very detailed check list. And yes, you can laugh at me for that. :)


*Katy* said...

I hate stretch marks! I actually got some of the Mederma stretch mark cream and while it doesn't work miracles-it DOES help! Good luck :)

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