Friday, February 17, 2012

Wow. Will life ever slow down?? I seriously feel like every time I think it is, something else pops up.
Before I go into the happenings of life in the Smith household, I'll ask that you please say a prayer for our family. Clif has an interview on Monday. If things were to work out the way we are praying, it would be SUCH a blessing.
Also, please pray with us as we prepare for me to go back to work. >.< I start on March 5th...and while I'm looking forward to being in the big people world again... I'm dreading leaving my babies. Thank the Lord we have my mom...she'll be babysitting for us! (<We asked her four years ago, before we even started trying to have babies!)
So definitely a lot of change going on around these parts ;) We are currently working on some updates with our house (we added a new roof, and porch that goes across the length of our house during the summer)...we are working on the kitchen and master bath. We have purchased new counter tops, we're painting, working on the cabinets, and putting down new flooring. We intend to put it on the market come Spring (oh my! We are almost there...)...and we figure, if we can't sell it right least we are making it nicer for ourselves!
What's going on with babies? Eli now has four teeth, and I swear there must be another one coming in somewhere because he has been extra needy these last few days. As mentioned before, he is the baby that stopped breathing after he was born. He had a few different medications,but never had any other problems. But... apparently, preemies are prone to have a wheeze due to immature lungs. Well, his "wheeze" has gotten worse over the course of the last I got to spend Valentine's day at the doctor, and pharmacy with Eli. The doctor said that this time of year, the wheeze will get worse... said it was nothing to worry about, and gave him some oral albuterol. :)
Easton now has two teeth...and we are currently (as in, as I am typing) his very first goose egg. :( This kid is EVERYWHERE...all the time. He even moves around in his sleep. He isn't quite crawling, at least.... not like someone would normally crawl. He gets his knees up and scoots on his forehead (pretty cute). Anyway, this kid LOVES to roll back and forth...and while he was rolling this afternoon, he rolled over and cracked the back of his little head on the hardwood floor. >.< After talking to my mom, my hubby, and my best friend... the convinced me that I didn't need to call the doctor. :) You know that over protective Mom that annoys everyone to no end? Yep...that's me.
Elliana still is all gums, and even more attitude! Such a Feisty Little Diva! No lie. She is a Mommy's girl all around...and I absolutely love it, and secretly enjoy when she comes to me instead of Clif ;)
Clif continues to be the wonderful Daddy I always knew he would be.His love for his family amazes me over and over each and every day. Love that man SO much!  I love how he provides for his family, even when it's not how he would choose to do so. :) He truly is a wonderful man, and I am so very blessed to have him in my life... and that he is the father of my four beautiful children.
Me...I'm still me. :) Looking froward to get back into a work routine, and looking forward to two incomes again! I'm still doing weight watchers, have lost 77 pounds since 7/15, and 41 since starting ww. These last two weeks have been a constant struggle for me, because for the first time since September, I have gained weight. Only a pound... but it's about to drive me CRAZY! I'm fairly certain that it's my new bc causing the issue...which I'm not loving at all. :/ So...because of this, I've started working out :) Praying that this does the trick... because I'm not really suffering from any side affects, and feel decent. We shall see. :)
Any Mom's have any schedule suggestions for me? Also, any suggestions on how many meals they should be getting? Right now, they get lunch and dinner... but when I try to add in breakfast, it throws them for a loop every time. Here is how our day goes as of now:

7:45 - wake up, diapers, snuggles, ect.
8:00 - bottles :)
8:15-9:30 - play
9:45 - naps (normally lasting anywhere from 20-45 minutes. I would like this to last from about 9:45-11:15)
11:45 - bottle,diapers
12:00 - lunch (normally consisting of a veggie & fruit - sometimes oatmeal/fruit)
12:30-1:45 - play
2:00 - nap (again, anywhere from 20-45 minutes... would like to have this 2:00-3:30ish)
wake up -3:45 play
4:00 - bottles,diapers
4:15-6:00 - play
6:15 - diapers & dinner (consisting of a fruit, veggie & oatmeal/cereal)
7:00-7:45 - wind down, diapers, clothes change...ready for bed (every other night is bath night)
7:45 - bottle
8:15 - bed time


Raquel said...

I would suggest continue feeding them a bottle when they wake up. But right before their naps (after they have play time) I would feed them a little bit of solid food. Mine always took longer naps when they had cereal or solids right before going down for naps. :-) Other than that, you seem to be right on the ball. So many parents struggle with keeping their little ones on a good schedule but you and Clif are doing great.

Steve Finnell said...

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*Katy* said...

77lbs? HOLY COW! I realize I only delivered one baby on the day you delivered 3 (I'm the one that had Dr. G. in the morning), but I have to say I'm really jealous :) I lost all of my baby weight early on, but some extra pounds gone would be awesome!

And about the on EARTH do they only eat twice a day? George will TAKE food off our plates and out of our hands if we don't feed him! Do preemies take longer to eat foods? Either they do or I just have a hog living at my house :) I just wrote George's 7 month post if you want to see it

I'm also really jealous that yours sleep from 8:15ish until 7:45ish...George goes to sleep around 8:15 but is ALWAYS up by 6am :( But that means extra snuggles for me so I'm ok with it :)

And going back to work is going to be really hard on you. I cried every morning for two weeks and yet my mom keeps my son too. Everybody tells you it gets easier-for me it hasn't. I no longer cry in the car, but it's not any easier leaving that sweet face in the morning and the littlest things make me miss him at work. I'll pray that you have an easier time than I have :)

*Katy* said...

and sorry that comment was SO ridiculously long!

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