Monday, February 27, 2012

Smith Happenings :)

All I can say is... wow!

Never in a million years did I think that life could become more hectic and crazy than it has been in the last months, but this past week proved to be!
It all started with Clif getting a phone call saying that one of the places he applied for a job at wanted to interview him. I have to say that I am SO proud of my husband. He applied at a place that you can't just walk in and get a job, in fact... you pretty much have to know someone to get a job there. There were 31 applicants, and only six got interviews. And my hubby was one of them! :) Though, in the end... he still didn't get the job... but we're okay with that. He interviewed better than` he ever has, giving God all the glory for everything we have, and where he is in life. :) <----proud wife here, can you tell??
The week flew by, packed full of craziness. Like, last Sunday...we lost our electricity...had to pack in the dark, and go to a hotel (definitely was not thrilled about the babies staying in a we ended up going to the newest, nicest hotel that was near us)...Clif had his interview that next morning, all five of us were sick with a nasty cold... I had to take the babies to the doctor...not only do I have three teething babies (Eli has 6 teeth, Easton 2, Elliana 2) but they were all sick with a cold, and Easton has a pretty bad ear infection. I know an ear infection isn't a HUGE deal, but...first of all, he doesn't handle pain very well, and second...he doesn't handle having to take medicine very well. So it's been a humdinger of a week! It has taken two people to hold him down to give him his antibiotics, and I won't even go into the ear drops. :)
On Thursday, Clif and I ventured out of town to pick up our new (well, used) stroller. I found someone on Craigslist (two hours away) that was selling a Peg Perego Triplette Stroller... for way less than I have EVER found one. So we took a road trip! We made it back home, and made a quick stop by the mail box where we found a letter saying in short, that the place Clif applied was very impressed with him and they encouraged him to apply again when another position opened up... but that they had chosen a more qualified candidate. :) where does that leave us? He has one more "big" application out, but we won't hear anything for another week and a half or so. >.< They had several applications, and won't be setting interviews until sometime next week I think. Aside from that, Clif has begun applying at places basically for a in between job. Which is kinda scary. I know that everyone must think we are so irresponsible... but when it boils down to a father missing important milestones, and missing quality time with his it really worth it?  If Clif were to stay with his current employer, he would see the kids for maybe an hour a day, and with me starting back to work next week... he and I would see each other one DAY every other week. I would be leaving for work as he would be coming home, and he would be gone to work before I even got home from work. :(
Not only is family time a big factor, but his current job really has an effect on his overall attitude. The type of people that he deals with on a daily basis just brings him down on many different levels.
With that said, I ask again that you all be in prayer with us as we continue to look for a job for Clif. Please pray for guidance and wisdom concerning these things.
Our precious little ones are doing wonderful. As I already mentioned, they are all in full teething mode. Eli has had four teeth for over a month now, and the other night while feeding him dinner, I found two more coming in! Easton has been working on his lower two for a few weeks now...and they STILL aren't all the way through. Last Tuesday I jokingly started snooping in Elliana's mouth because she was extremely fussy and all but refused her bottle...only to find that she has her two lower teeth too! Whew! Fun stuff! I am definitely dreading next Monday, leaving my babies. They are the highlight of every single day...even on days like today when they have had me up since 4:30, all are fussy... and they know it's just me, because Daddy is sleeping in preparation for his last round of night shift with his current job.
Entering back into the working world will be a difficult transition, but it's one that I've known I would have to make since discovering that I was pregnant with the triplets. I have been SO blessed to have been able to stay at home with my children. I've been out of work since May 2011, due to bed rest... unemployed since September 2011, and been able to spend almost 7 months at home with my little ones. I wish that we were financially able for me to stay at home forever... but, hello! We have three kids, own our house (well...paying for it ha!), cars, insurance...INSURANCE! That's a good enough reason to go back to work...geez. Anyway, though I'm dreading it... I am thankful that I was able to stay out longer than we ever anticipated. And I am kinda looking forward to entering back into the "real world" again. Looking forward to actually earning a buck or two, and not feeling like a complete bum. :)
While Clif and I are kind of switching roles... me going to work, and him entering the unemployed realm... my income will not be as much as his...which means, we need to find something fast! Please please please be in prayer! Also, if you are local and know of ANY jobs that you think that would possibly work out for Clif, please please please give Clif or myself a call.
Oh! One last thing... when we took the babies to the doctor...and they were weighed....Eli was 17.7, Easton 17.4, and Elliana 14.6 :)


erin ferguson said...

wow, I just stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed reading through and learning your story!! You and your husband have such an awesome testimony!! Kepp trusting in the One who will never let you down! Have a blessed week!

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