Monday, August 15, 2011

there's no place like HOME

And that's where we (Clif and I) have been since Friday night! :) It's weird being back in house, but a nice weird, definitely.
Easton has been home with us since Saturday afternoon, so two...going on three nights with Mommy and Daddy. The first night (Saturday) went a lot smoother than I thought that it would. Clif and I slept in sleeping through the first half of the night and Clif taking care of him, and then Clif sleeping the latter part of the night and into the morning. Thank God for a wonderful husband who allowed me to catch about four hours of sleep Sunday morning, into the afternoon! I wouldn't have been able to function if he hadn't have.
Last night (Sunday) was a little more challenging. Clif hadn't slept but a few hours over a twenty four hour he was extremely tired. As was I. We decided trying to sleep, both of us at the same time - with Easton in a crib by our bed. It worked out pretty well, except I seemed to be the only one getting up with him. Apparently Clif was sleeping really well. >.< I got up for the 2:15 feeding, took his temperature (he wasn't quite warm enough so I had to undress him and add another layer, then dress him again), change his diaper, and feed him his bottle. I then put him in the cradle, and pumped for twenty minutes. By the time all was said and done, my 2:15 feeding didn't end until 3:45. I was able to get Easton back into the crib in our room, and myself back in bed by 4. The alarm (Easton AND the actual alarm) went off around 5:30...and I had thought that Clif was going to get up with him. Well...we both ended up getting up. And I've been up ever since. *sigh* I feel decent, but I'm wearing
Currently I am the only person in the house that isn't snoozing. Mom & Clif are taking naps, and so are the boys! I feel very left out... and very sleep deprived!
Clif, my mom, and his mom headed to the hospital at 7:30 this morning to pick up Eli - and were back sometime after ten. :) It's so nice to have both of my boys home, and I am anxiously awaiting my little girl being able to come home too! Eli actually passed his second car seat study, so he was able to come home in a big boy car seat! :) Everything went well, and he is beginning to adjust.
Yesterday was a rough one, emotionally. It was hard knowing that I had to stay at home and take care of Easton - but also knowing that I had two more little ones at the hospital. I wanted to visit them so badly, and had planned on getting to the hospital around 2:30... I didn't end up getting there until 4:15, and was only able to stay an hour or so before having to come back to be with Clif and Easton.
Yesterday seemed to be a good day for Elliana. Apparently, a light bulb went off in that precious little head of hers - and she started taking her bottles MUCH better than she has in the past. She finished two whole ones, and then the most of several others. When I left, she hadn't had any "spells" all day, reflux related - or other. But they said as soon as I left, she had a pretty bad one. Talking with the nurse this morning, seems like it was more than likely related to reflux. *sigh* AND she has had two today. SO...we're looking at a minimum of eight more days before she can come home. I'm praying big, but I'm thinking that she might even be there longer than that! I just want her well, and home with me, her daddy, and brothers. It's so hard being away from her.
With today being our first day with the two boys home, I won't get the chance to go and see Elliana. And to be honest, it's eating at me pretty good. :( I miss her so much... and hate that I am not able to spend quality time with her, like I want.
I'm not going to lie... though I've only been doing the whole "two babies at home" thing for a few hours - I know that it's NOT going to be easy. :( Clif went to take a nap, and I had to wake him up within an hour because the boys woke up an hour early fussing because they were hungry. And yes, hungry is the only thing that I can figure because they both ate - and are now sound asleep.
Tomorrow is their doctor's appointments...I'm excited. And nervous - only because I'm not super excited about taking them out in the car. Whew... though, I know that God will give us strength...not to mention hold our hands all of the way!
I'm happy to announce that though I don't know exactly how much - I have lost a LOT of my pregnancy weight! My tummy (though flabby) is just about flat again! So nice, considering I was asked several times during my first week of postpartum, "Awww when is your baby due?" Yeah. Not so pleasant.
I'm not sure when I will head back to the doctor... Dr.G is moving offices, and is not taking appointments yet. But health wise, I'm doing just fine. :)
Clif and I have been incredibly blessed... and if you hear me complain too much (or read about it), please remind me of just how blessed I am!
One more thing, and I will close for now...not because I want to, BUT...I need to pump (story of my life). My milk supply has decreased significantly. Does any one have any suggestions on how to get it back up? The babies are catching up with me and my supply...and it makes me sad! I want for nothing more than to be able to continue to supply milk for my little blessings... but it's getting harder! If I did have to switch to formula...I could honestly say that I gave it my best "go"...and did as much as I could. Right now our deep freezer is full of bottles of milk...and so is the freezer at the hospital. :) So yes, suggestions please!!!


Raquel said...

My midwife told me that I should try pumping at the end of every feeding.It empties the breasts completely, thus telling the body that it needs to replenish the milk supply more quickly. I did that with Haleigh for the first three weeks and I was literally filling up every hour. So, just an idea. :-)

Raquel said...

Oops, lol. I meant to say my Doctor, not midwife. :-)

mindlessmamma said...

Fenugreek supplements are fantastic for helping your supply along with Blessed Thistle. You'll know you're taking enough Fenugreek when you start to smell like maple syrup, weird but true. They also have an organic mother's milk tea you can get at Wal-Mart. Eating oatmeal is helpful, can you tell I've done this a few times?? Join and they can help a lot too:) Some are a little too granola for me, but the information is priceless:) Good Luck and I'm so happy your boys are home. Little girl will be before you know it!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How exciting that the boys are home. Praying Elliana comes home soon. I can't imagine three little babies. You are so blessed yet it's going to be a circus for you.
I wonder when you will be able to sleep again. ((HUGS)) I imagine it's pretty hard to supply milk for 3 little ones. You are doing a wonderful job. I have heard something about a tea that helps produce your milk.

belle said...

hey- low supply has been my nemesis for 12 years.... take fenugreek (3 tablets 3 times a day with tons of water) and after you nurse (if you are able to nurse right now??) pump immediately for a minimum of 15 min. never go more than 3 hrs without pumping but don't pump too close together... it's counter productive. if you can get on a consistent/predictable routine it may help? maybe... this time i've actually managed to keep my supply up by doing this. i had to supplement for a week while building my supply back up but do not let yourself fall into the guilt trip trap if you need formula!! maybe some of this might help???? i'm praying for you all everyday!!! so excited the boys are home, praying little princess will be joining you soon! ((((hugs))))

Holly said...

Eating oatmeal every morning gave me a little boost w/ my first DD. Steel cut oats work best (and taste better IMO). I have tried fenugreek but it never worked for me. Fenugreek and blessed thistle together is supposed to be good. If all else fails you can get a script from your dr for domperidone (sp?).

MommyBecca said...

Sleep and FOOD. Dont cut back on either. Some people are insane about pumping and NEVER missing a beat but that can wear you down. As anti-weight loss as it may seem try to find ways to ADD calories into your diet. Your body will know what to do with it. From the sounds of your schedules you are doing everything else right so just make sure you provide your body with the right supplies you know? Hope it helps you as much as it did me on my second go round. Praying for you!

Melissa said...

This is NOT spam or an ad. Go to for a post on breastfeeding and how to increase your supply. She has GREAT ideas.

Betty said...

Oatmeal, like Holly said. Also, and I didnt know this until we found out Daniel is allergic to dairy, but almonds are supposed to be really good for your supply. Silk makes a really good chocolate almond milk that I love. You can also get some "mother's milk" tea from the "healthy" area at meijers. It has fenugreek and a few other things that should help. Try looking on They usually have some great tips on there...or la leche league. Contact one of them in your area.

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