Thursday, August 11, 2011

:) 3 E's

Our babies are doing wonderfully. Actually, I can't believe how well they are doing. :) It makes me smile, and continually reminds me of how I should constantly be down on my knees thanking God for the three precious blessings he blessed us with *almost* four weeks ago. Whew... I can't believe they are twenty seven days old!
Okay, let me give you a quick update on everyone...

~Eli Zayne~
Eli is doing great, and is one step ahead of his brother and sister. Though his brother is bigger than he is - Eli has been consistent in weight gain, eating, and staying warm in his open crib. :) Such a big boy. He weighs four pounds, nine ounces now! He passed his hearing screening last week, and yesterday he was circumcised. Eek! He actually handled it rather well. Minimal crying, and a lot of grunting. The bad part was changing his diaper a little later in the day :( They tried doing a car seat study on him last week - but he decided to let them know (real quick, mind you) that he was too little. He had a spell within five minutes. So that's really all that he has left to do...he's in an open crib, he is maintaining his temperature...he has no feeding tube, he's taking all of his feeds... so that's about it, other than growing out of the "spells" that preemies are famous for.

~Easton Layne~
Easton is doing wonderful! Though he had his minor set back last week with his PDA, and had to go back into an open crib...and stop eating..., he has bounced back just fine. He is taking most of his bottles, but still has his feeding tube for lazy days when he doesn't want to finish his minimum of 35ml. The medicine for the PDA worked, apparently. His PDA went from "small to moderate" to "tiny" after the first round of medication. The other day we were told by the nurse practitioner that she could still hear the murmur, but it was not large. They are still hoping that it will close on it's own. Easton also got the little "snip snip" yesterday - but unfortunately didn't take it as well as his brother. Clif and I both were almost in tears due to him screaming at the top of his lungs. I was heart broken. BUT...all went well, and other than diaper changes he is fine. Easton was finally able to go back into an open crib the night before last - and has been maintaining his temperature perfectly! OH! And Easton is our big boy, weighing in at four pounds, thirteen ounces!

~Elliana Rayne~
Considering everything she has been through these past few weeks, Elliana is doing tremendously well. She's one tough cookie, that's for sure. After her surgery, she has bounced right back - full swing. She is now over four pounds, four pounds one ounce that is. :) She is up to full feeds too... now if she would just take her full feed, or even half, from her bottle. She is an all around NICU baby...SOoooooo lazy. :) She'll get there. Our only "concern" with Elliana as of now is that she is experiencing reflux. :( It wouldn't be so bad - but it's causing her to drop her heart rate. She continues to do well, and pull herself out of most of the spells... but it's still scary! The nurses tell me that she should grow out of this, and I am SO praying that she does! Elliana didn't have to get the big "snip" (of course...she was telling her brothers, "I am glad I don't have one of THOSE")... but she had a big day yesterday, too! She started her day with an eye exam. The doctor had to numb her eyes, and clamp them open. Can you guess why we didn't go to the hospital until after that was over? She has a follow up in three weeks...but the doctor did not see or anticipate anything being wrong :) She also passed her hearing screening yesterday afternoon! We are so proud.

Clif and I couldn't be happier with how well our babies are doing!


Danae said...

I am glad they are all doing so well! I LOVE seeing such wonderful posts!!!

That corgi :) said...

can't believe it has been 4 weeks (almost) already! They are doing great! praising and thanking God and continuing to pray!


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