Saturday, August 13, 2011

a stressful kind of day.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but...whew! What a day! :) Little Sir Easton is supposed to come home today. We've been here (at the hospital) since 7:45am...and we are still waiting.
This morning was a stressful one, that's for sure! We arrived just in time to do Elliana's care time (temp,diaper & feeding). So, I got on it right away. Today was picture day for all three of them too, so I went ahead and dressed her in her new outfit and pretty pink bow (LOVE it). After feeding her, I moved on to Easton. We knew that there was much to accomplish this morning, and as I was getting ready to move to Eli, in walks to the picture lady. She announced that she had a very busy schedule...and that we would have to take them to a different room, since there are three of them. Fun stuff. SO...our nurse said that she could feed Eli so that we could take the other two to start their pictures.
As we were getting ready to put Easton's picture outfit on, in walks the lady to do his echo (they wanted to do a follow up to make sure that everything looked "ok" before sending him home. If his PDA/murmur is still open he will have to have a follow up appointment with the cardiologist. We didn't want to hold the echo up, because we have to wait for the results before he can be they started with him, and I started feeding Eli.
We finished up and wheeled Elliana & Eli down the hall to start their pictures. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed with the photographer. I didn't like her handling my babies... and I just, well... actually, I just all around didn't care for her.
After Easton's echo was finished our nurse brought him into the room...and we got a move on with the pictures. We got a lot of cute ones... but it stressed the babies out (well, all but Easton...he stayed asleep the whole time).Ha! Eli & Elliana had both just finished eating, and decided to spit up a few times... which scared Daddy, I think. He was ready to get them back to the nursery so that they could be plugged back up to their monitors. :)
We finished up with the actual picture taking in no time, and Clif wheeled the kids back to the nursery. Right after they hooked Elliana up to her monitor, she had another "spell"...and then threw up. Reflux. :( I'm really praying that she will grow out of this quickly.
The experience with the photographer after all of that was horrible. BUT...we got it done, that's what's important. Well, that... and my order being correct when it's delivered next week >.<
So that's our day so far. Currently, Easton is in the middle of his car bed study...which, we don't have high hopes for. Not only does he have to keep his heart rate up - he also has to keep his oxygen levels up...which he is struggling with. We are praying that he will pass and be able to come home with us this evening, BUT, if he fails...he will have to stay here until Monday at the least. *sigh* All in God's timing...and His will be done :)
Thank you all for your continued prayers for our babies! :) We so appreciate them. If you don't mind, please remember to lift Elliana up in your prayers concerning her reflux related spells. Please pray that she would be able to tolerate the food...and that she will be home with us soon, too! <3


Betty said...

That really does sounds like a stressful day. I'm impressed with how positive you sound! I probably would be loosing it at this point. Try to get some rest! Wont be long till those little ones come home with you!

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