Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elliana's Heart...again.

I feel as if my sweet baby girl has all odds working against her. But she's a fighter!! We received a call from the cardiologist yesterday, explaining to us that Elliana still has a PDA (heart murmur). From what we can gather (it's hard understanding all the medical terms), her PDA was so large that the clip just couldn't hold it together and close.
Yep, that's right... we were told that Elliana is included in the 1% of PDA Ligation surgeries that do not work. The cardiologist that Clif spoke with yesterday said that he had never seen it in the ten years he has been performing the surgery, and the surgeon that performed Elliana's surgery said it's 1 in 100. Wow.
Praise the Lord though, because though the PDA is still there... and the hole is still very much open, it is now considered "small to moderate" where as before it was "moderate to large". From what we gathered before her surgery, it was a very large murmur.
Easton's murmur was also considered "small to moderate" before his round of medication, then it went to "tiny". Before he was discharged on Saturday, we were told that his echo came back "normal". So... there IS hope.
As of now, the plan of attack is nothing. Really, just waiting and keeping an eye one her. Monitoring her breathing (watching for the labored breathing like before her surgery), and her amount of spells. The cardiologist told us that they were not considering surgery, or any more medication because Elliana is not symptomatic. ALSO, the nurse practitioner told Clif today that she would call Elliana's PDA "restrictive"...meaning that the hole is trying to close. :)
The only plan as of now, other than just watching her to see how she handles it all - is performing another echo before she is discharged, and setting up a follow up appointment with the cardiologist three weeks from now.
We were also told today that Elliana is on her "spell countdown". She has not had a spell since the 15th, and if it stays that way - and she increases her bottle feedings... we are looking at bringing her home on the 23rd. If she continues to have spells, the nurse practitioner told us that it is a possibility that she may come home on a heart monitor. Whatever it takes to bring my baby girl home where she belongs. :)
We continue to praise God for the things that He has done, and is continuing to do in our children's lives. He hasn't given us more than we can handle, and we don't look for Him to start now!!
Thank you in advance for your continued prayers for our baby girl. Please pray that this PDA might very well be trying to close itself, and that when she has her follow up PDA before discharge - that it may already be closed. <3


*Ross and Katy* said...

We will definitely be saying some prayers for her little heart...and for her continued strength to fight all of this away and come home one healthy little girl :)

Trennia said...

Keeping her in our prayers.

Caroline said...

Praying so hard for everyone.

Holly said...

I hope it does close on its own!

~W~ said...

As we stand in agreement that your daughter, Elliana is healed in the name of Jesus of her PDA. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We say no you don't devil Elliana is a child of God. Lifting all prayers to You, our Father. By His stripes she is healed. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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